Oil Pulling Challenge – Day 3

Welcome back to our week-long Oil Pulling Challenge – it’s day 3! I’m challenging my readers to do oil pulling for a week and to write about their experience – so we can all learn and be motivated by each other. Oil Pulling Challenge to Detoxify Your Body - Day 3

In case you missed the previous posts, here they are! I write about all the tips and interesting comments you share:

My Day 3 Experience

It was even easier today as I'm really starting to get used to it. Before when I've done oil pulling, I'd only do it for a day or two, then not again for several months, so I never developed the habit. That's why I created this challenge! I'm not noticing any health benefits yet, but I wasn't expecting to in just three days. It takes four days to see the full effects of a food if you are sensitive to it, so I figure it'll take that long or longer to see many effects from this. But I love starting off my day with the drop of peppermint oil in it as it just leaves my mouth SO fresh and clean.

Gagging Tip

Having trouble with your gagging reflux? Reader Sara K. says she decided to do it twice a day for only 10 minutes at a time until she can train her gag reflux to calm down. The second time yesterday, she was able to go 12 minutes!

Reader Kim vacuumed while she was swishing and found that really helped with gagging! So, you can clean your mouth and your floors at the same time (Oh goodie! Another excuse to CLEAN! Wink, wink)!

So, how was your day 3 experience? Leave your comments and questions below so we can all learn from you!

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