Seven Powerful Statements & Oils to Use to Crush Negative Thinking

Our words and thoughts are so much more powerful that we realize. Once I learned to start mastering my thoughts and words and not let them be the master of me, I found I was achieving success in all the areas of my life! So here are seven simple things you can say daily to train your brain to think positive, successful thoughts and not negative, self-sabotaging ones.

Seven Powerful Statements and Oils to Use to Crush Negative Thinking

“I'll never finish that!” “Where'd all the time go?” “More dishes to wash? ARGH!” “I'm so sick of all of this laundry!” “I didn't get around to working out AGAIN today, ugh. I feel like a failure.” “Oh man, I shouldn't have eaten that, why'd I do that?” “I am so tired!” “These kids are driving me crazy!!” “I'll never succeed at this. I don't even know why I'm trying.”

How do you feel after reading statements like that? Excited? Motivated? Ready to crush your goals and make your dreams happen? Hmm, I think not. I feel blech just writing all that negativity, let alone saying it. These are the kinds of thoughts that I let rule in my mind and heart all day long every day. It's no wonder I struggled with being happy and content with my pretty awesome life (I really had no reason to complain) (read my other post on how I conquered complaining!).

What is the Oola Life?

So I was really excited to attend a personal development seminar put on my the Oola Life company in Las Vegas, NV last week. I have done a ton of personal development over the past two years, really peeling back the layers of my heart, mind, emotions and intentions and faced things I was afraid to face about myself. But once I did, I found FREEDOM and have been able to break through things like negative, limited thinking, complaining, envy, jealousy, fear and more. It has helped my businesses (blog and Young Living), my marriage, my mothering and my JOY. It is so worth it!

How to Make These Statements, Bands and even Essential Oils WORK to Renew Your Mind

Psalms 139:33 says, “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts.” We can train our brains and our thoughts, just like we train in the gym and work out. In fact, it's necessary for overall health and wellness. I really don't believe we are born knowing how to believe the best, the good, the positive. We are born like animals – fighting for survival and for our own needs and it's something we are supposed to unlearn as we grow into civilized toddlers and children from our parents. So, train your brain just like you train your body!

Oola Affirmation BandsOne of the things I loved about the Oolapalooza conference was the positive affirmation bands we were given and the sentences written on them. They are so powerful! I wholeheartedly believe in saying them morning and night outloud to yourself everyday until you see a shift in your mind to believe these statements. Once you believe them, you'll start to LIVE them out naturally in everyday life. “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7)

Post Positive Statements Around Your House

I also believe in writing these statements down and putting them up around your house where you are likely to have negative, self-sabotaging thoughts – like the bathroom mirror (women!), the kitchen sink, the washing machine, the playroom, your office, etc.

There is also a set of essential oils called the Infused 7 that was created for each of these statements and area of life. They coincide with Oola's book where they write about having balance in seven key areas of life – Fitness, Finance, Field, Faith, Friends, Fun, and Family. So, you can get out the oils, smell them as you say the statement, put on your band and start your day off thinking about how you will succeed in that area instead of thinking of all the possible ways you mightn't. (read more about these oils here)

7 Positive Affirmations for Each Area of Life

FITNESS: “I am fit, healthy, disciplined and strong.”

Even if you feel blech and know you aren't healthy, say it anyway. Know what will happen? When you go to pick up that can of soda or donut, that thought will pop up – “I am fit, healthy, disciplined and strong.” Next thing you know, you've got the strength to resist temptation! Try it! Bring your oil along with you, too, and smell it as a reminder. It sounds weird, but the olfactory senses are connected to the limbic system of the brains that controls emotions and memory.

FINANCE: “I am financially free and living abundantly.”

Are you drowning in debt? Spending way too much? Struggling to pay the bills? Say it anyway and wear the band! Next time you go to buy something you really don't need, that thought will pop up and you'll be able to put the item back or click off of Amazon and do something else.

FAMILY: “I am unconditionally loving, patient and respectful.”

I struggle with patient with my kids (what parent doesn't?) So, I've said this one to myself a lot and it's been working. Instead of blowing off steam, I'm better able to calm down by diffusing my Oola Family oil (and others like Stress Away, Release, Grounding) and saying this to myself. It may sound like weird voodoo, but just wait till you try it!

FIELD: “I am pursuing my purpose in life.”

Do you feel like you've lost your purpose, direction or dreams? Do you even dream any more? Then this statement and oil is for you. Say it and you will open up your heart and mind to discover your purpose.

FAITH: “I am grateful, humble, and fully connected.”

Oh, how I love this one! It works no matter what your beliefs are or where you are on your faith journey.

FRIENDS: “I am blessed with empowering, healthy relationships.”

Toxic relationships are just that, very very toxic. It is SO important to surround ourselves with people who inspire us to be better, live better, think better.

FUN: “I am pursuing the joys of life.”

A powerful one to say to remember that life is short and fun is part of the balance, too!

Here is the Periscope broadcast I did on these positive statements, too! (follow me there at @MerryMessyLife for more inspirational tidbits).

How do you feel about saying positive statements? Think it's something you can try? I hope so. It has made a world of difference for me!




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