We’re doing the 3 Day Potting method!

We are knee deep in the last day of our three day potty training method with our 30 month old and this morning Gabe woke up completely DRY! I am still in total shock. I have not followed all the rules of this method, but it must be working so far despite my small failures. I can't write long because this method requires that I be right with him to catch any accidents or “misses” as we say in Elimination Communication (we're doing that method with our 9-month old Grayson, the Diaper Free Baby, and it works amazingly well. He does most of his elimination in the potty! More on that later…).

I like the Three Day method because it's very positive, kind and gentle, like Elimination Communication. We teach our children to recognize their own bodily signs and show them how to respond. No punishing or bribing and you spend a solid three days with them at home to train them. I expect that because I didn't completely follow the method it might take us four days to train him. We'll see…!

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