Crochet Crocodile Stitch Tutorial {part 2 of 2}

Here is part two of two of the crochet crocodile stitch tutorial. It’s a tricky stitch, so it really requires more than one post because I took a massive amount of pictures! If you missed part one, you can return to it here.

So, we finished our second row, which is the row of crocodile stitches. Now, we will start to make the third row.

Step #6:
(Row 3 – a foundation stitch row) At the end of row 2, chain 1 and work 2 half double crochets in the space next to the chain 1. They are basically at the edge of the previous crocodile stitch.

Crochet Crocodile Stitch Tutorial - Step 6

Step #7:
Chain 1, work 1 half double crochet in the middle of the crocodile stitch.

Crochet Crocodile Stitch Tutorial - Step 7

Step #8:
Chain 1, work 2 half double crochets in the single half double crochet from row 2. When working with the half double crochet, I had to really push the hook into the top of the stitch. It almost made me want to switch to using double crochet and a bigger hook, but I wanted a nice, tight crocodile stitch so I wouldn’t have to line the clutch! But, don’t get hung up on how it looks because it will just be covered up by another crocodile stitch. The most important thing is that the pattern of 2, 1 stays consistent.

Crochet Crocodile Stitch Tutorial - Step #8

Step #9:
Continue working that pattern for the length of your work, ending with two half double crochets on the edge of the previous crocodile stitch from row 2.

Pattern – 1 half double crochet in the middle of the crocodile stitch, chain 1, and two half double crochets at the top of the single half double crochet, chain 1 (except at the end – no chain 1).

Crochet Crocodile Stitch Tutorial - Step 9

Step #10:
(Row 4 – a crocodile stitch row) Chain 1. Work a crocodile stitch on the first pair of half double crochet {4 half double crochet on the first post (top to bottom), and 4 half double crochet on the second post (bottom to top). See the previous post for that photo tutorial.}. Then, work a slip stitch on the single half double crochet.

Crochet Crocodile Stitch Tutorial

Continue for the length of your work – working a crocodile stitch on the pair of half double crochet, and a slip stitch on the single half double crochet, ending with the crocodile stitch.

Crochet Crocodile Stitch Tutorial - Continue for the Length of Your Work

One thing to note before we continue,. Odd rows of the foundation stitches (2 hdc, chain 1, 1 hdc, ch 1) will be worked differently than the even rows of the foundation stitches.

For instance – row 3 will start with 2 hdc on the end, but row 5 will start with 1 hdc on the end. As you progress on the piece, you’ll see how the rows are staggered. In this case, you’ll have 6 crocodile stitches for one row, and 7 for the next, then 6 again, and so on (see the above picture).

Step #11:
(Row 5 – a foundation row) Chain 1 and turn. Work 1 half double crochet in the middle of the crocodile stitch. Chain 1. Work 2 half double crochet at the top of the single half double crochet, chain 1.

Crochet Crocodile Stitch Tutorial - Step 11

Continue for the length of your work (2 hdc, ch 1, 1 hdc, ch 1). Here in the picture, I turned the work around to the front to show you what the foundation row will look like. End the row with 1 half double crochet worked in the middle of the crocodile stitch.

Crochet Crocodile Stitch Tutorial - Continue for the Length of Your Work

Step #12:
(Row 6 – a crocodile stitch row) Chain 1, turn. Work a slip stitch on the first single half double crochet. Then, work a crocodile stitch on the next pair of half double crochet. Work a slip stitch on the next single one, and so on until you complete the row!

See how the first row has 6 crocodile stitches, the second, 7, and the third, 6?

Crochet Crocodile Stitch Tutorial - Step 12

Continue alternating in that manner (repeating steps #6 to #12) to make the project as long as you like. For the purse clutch, I stopped at row 16.

Crochet Crocodile Stitch Tutorial - Continue Steps 6 to 12
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  1. I haven’t tried this stitch yet. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Holy alligators is that a lot of work!! I’ve seen instructions in magazines, but I haven’t been ready to try. I still don’t think I am! But when it’s time I will definitely come back to your picture tutorial. You did a wonderful job showing me exactly what each step looks like. Thanks for a great post (or posts I should say!)

  3. This stich remind me fish scales….
    Thanks for sharing…
    Have a nice week-end.

  4. wonderful job on your tutorial!!! I have been wanting instructions for this stitch…thanks sooooo much!!!

  5. Lovely,thanks,now I know how to make it..not so easy but nice!

  6. Wow, this looks like it uses a ton of yarn and patience! Thanks for sharing your hard work.

  7. wonderful tutorial. the best I’ve seen. I can’t wait to get started.

  8. Thank you so much this has been a great help to me

  9. carol menchaca says:

    Whear can i by the crocodile pattern

  10. Thank you for the tutorial. It was very well done, and although I had to try and unravel three times, I got the hang of it. Now on to the clutch!

  11. nelda long says:

    THANK YOU! for this tutorial. I have been crocheting over 50 years and for the past year I have tried to understand this stitch. ( From other web sites, they are good but I could not wrap my mind around it.) Your ttorial was clear to understand, it is a real blessing to crocheters like me. I am enjoying it so much. I plan to try a shawl. Than you so much.

  12. now i get it

  13. Ruth Young says:

    I am experimenting with the crocodile stitch, so pretty. I am mostly doing making a scarf with this stitch in one end. How will I finish the other end, I wanted to do an inverted crocodile stitch but cannot figure it out? Any help is appreciated.

    • Oh, wow, I haven’t a clue as to how to invert it. Honestly, what I’d do, is to work the crocodile stitch end all by itself and then whip stitch it onto the other end of the scarf. Much easier and no brain teasers involved :). Great idea, by the way!

  14. Kristi Gilchrist says:

    Sara – I’ve done beaded scarfs and the technique for the ends (the beaded area) is to create 2 halves and then connect in the middle.

  15. Kristi Gilchrist says:

    I love this pattern even though I find it awkward to do. Thank you for taking the time to do the tutorials because I don’t think I could have done it with the instructions alone. Nothing amiss with your instructions. I finally felt comfortable with the pattern at row 5!

  16. Hello Sara, thank you for teaching me the crocodile stitch! I have made a few things but it is always great to have your tutorial to come back to and get me started again. Now I would like to ask you about a handmade item I have seen. It was from a foreign country and even with translation, it was impossible to understand comments. But in any event it looked very much like the crocodile stitch EXCEPT instead of the “teeth” on the next row coming between the teeth of the last row the “teeth” (they really remind me of petals or leaves) run vertically – one slightly over the other. This is a very nice look But I am not even positive this is crochet. But it would give you vertical columns – which is very interesting. Do you think this is possible to do with this stitch. I believe it would mean changing the placement of the stitches on the row preceding the teeth.

  17. hi have finally try your tutorial, my grand-daughter want some boots like that for her cold feet…. this is much easy than I think it would be…. great tuto. thank you

  18. I have to agree with the “holy alligators” comment! this is such an awesome tutorial, but I don’t think my skills are up to it yet. I’m still trying to manage basic piece work without dropping stitches from row to row. but it gives me something to work towards, because I know that this would be an awesome stitch to having my repertory.

  19. sangeetha says:

    Hi Sara,

    Thanks much for sharing this wonderful picture tutorial. Step by Step learning with pictures and remarks in it is indeed a great idea. You have got so much patience and willingness to share your ideas. I am going to try this Crocodile Stitch for my purse.

  20. Hi
    When I try to download part 2 all I get is something to do with marajuana .

    • What? That sounds so funny! Part two isn’t something to download, it’s a link to the second post, which is what you’re commenting on right now, so you made it!

  21. I was wondering if you had a video tutorial for the crocodile stitch and for the bag?

  22. Milagros says:

    Confusing but think I got it! Will continue with my white yarn and try to make a newborn blanket for friend due next month. Thank you.

  23. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial! I have been wanting to learn this stitch and you made is so easy to learn!

  24. This is the only tutorial I found that actually explained this stitch properly – all the rest had me completely confused!! You are awesome! !

  25. Thanks for the pattern I have got it down. Now I’m just not sure if u don’t have the handle part pattern or if I can’t it. I’d like to join the two sides and make the handle.

  26. Do you have any advice for increasing or decreasing this stitch?

  27. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, the tute is WONDERFUL, but mostly I thank you for the PRINT FRIENDLY button.
    I am of an age where I am stuck in my ways, and all this other stuff, face book and the rest, are beyond me. I’m sure there are many out there, who look for free things on the net, but want to be able to save for later, and print out ECONOMICALLY when they can.You are right about the video,they are O.K. to look at as a start, but I like the written thing in front of me also.
    Thank you again,

  28. I was wondering how do you decrease a row to make it eventually get narrow?

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