Crochet Shell Bracelet {free crochet pattern}

Here's a pretty little shell bracelet that's so quick to work you could make one to match every outfit in an hour! The color and adorning possibilities are endless, but here's one option above with a fancy button and tiny flower. I had to find a project to use my elegant gray yarn, and this worked perfectly. The buttons really make it more fancy.

Crochet Shell Bracelet Free Crochet Pattern

This is exactly like the shell headband I designed, but shorter, naturally. Visit that post to get a full photo and chart tutorial on how to work the shell stitch. Otherwise, continue below!
Crochet Bracelet Free Pattern with a Button

Crochet Shell Bracelet

Written By: Sara McFall of My Merry Messy Life


  • CH = chain
  • SL ST= slip stitch
  • DC = double crochet


The Pattern

Chain to the length desired, but it must be divisible by 4, then add 3 chains at the end. For my wrist, my chain needed to be 27 – so that's 6 sets of shells and about 7 inches long (17 1/2 cm). There is some overlap on my bracelet, where one shell lays on top of the other. So I suggest to make your chain about as long as the circumference of your wrist, because it will stretch quite a bit with acrylic yarn.Make sure your chains are nice and loose because you will work on the top and bottom of them.

  • In the third chain from the hook, work 3 DC in the same CH.
  • Skip a CH, and work a SL ST in the next CH.
  • Skip a CH, and work 4 DC in the next stitch.
  • *Skip a CH, and work a SL in the next stitch.
  • Skip a CH, and work 4 DC in the next stitch.*
  • Repeat from * to the end, making sure to end with a shell (4 DC).
  • Turn your work 180 degrees, and work the first shell into the same chain (but on the bottom) of where you worked the last shell on the top.
  • Repeat from * above to the end – working the shell stitches in the bottom of the middle of the top row's shells
  • Join the last shell to the first shell with a SL ST.

Add A Button

Sew your favorite button on one end (make sure it's on the right side, the same side where you can add embellishment).
You don't have to crochet a hole into the pattern because the shell stitch naturally opens up where you can insert the button – see below.

Free Pattern for a Crochet Shell Stitch Bracelet
Now you get to count my freckles!
Merry Crocheting!

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