Crochet Shell Headband – Free Crochet Pattern

A delicate and sweet free crochet headband pattern using the shell stitch. It works up quickly and is great to make for gifts, especially for a baby shower or a little girl!

Free Crochet Pattern for a Shell Stitch Headband - perfect for a baby girl or a little girl!

As I was doing the shell edging on my little girl purse (see the post here), I thought it would make a very nice headband for a little girl. So, after many attempts and some math figuring, here's what I came up with! It's fairly simple, but looks so elegant and sweet. There are millions of flower patterns online, but see my post on another headband to craft my favorite flower so far.

Written By: Sara of My Merry Messy Life


  • CH = chain
  • SL = slip stitch
  • DC = double crochet


  • Yarn: 4-ply, worsted weight yarn. I used Caron Simply Soft in Soft Pink (where to buy)
  • Hook: H (5.0 MM)


Headband Measurements

  • Newborn 13″
  • 3-6 months 14″
  • 6-12 months 16″
  • 12 months-tween 17.5″
  • Adult 18″

The Pattern

Chain to the length desired, but it must be divisible by 4, then add 3 chains at the end. For example, I wanted to make one for a 6-12 month old baby, so I chained 44, then added 3 at the end, for a total of 47 chains. The example below is for a newborn.

Make sure your chains are nice and loose because you will work on the top and bottom of them.

  • In the third chain from the hook, work 3 DC in the same CH.
  • Skip a CH, and work a SL in the next CH.
  • Skip a CH, and work 4 DC in the next stitch.
  • *Skip a CH, and work a SL in the next stitch.
  • Skip a CH, and work 4 DC in the next stitch.*
  • Repeat from * to the end, making sure to end with a shell (4 DC).
  • Turn your work around, and see pictures below for continuing on the bottom. Work the first shell into the same chain (but on the bottom) of where you worked the last shell on the top.

After working the last shell on the top, turn your work around and work another shell in the same chain.

Here's what your headband should look like once you've turned it, worked a shell on the end, and started to continue around.
Here's a close up of how you work the other side of your headband on the bottom. You create a new shell from the shell below it.

The last shell and end should look like this – one shell on the top, one on the bottom. Join the last shell to the first one with a SL. Fasten off and sew in the ends, leaving a tail to sew the headband together.

Free Pattern for a Sweet Crochet Shell Headband for any size

This headband would go perfectly with the Sweet Pea Beanie!Free Crochet Pattern for a Sweet Pea Beanie

Free Crochet Pattern for a Shell Stitch Headband - perfect for a baby girl or a little girl!



  1. How do figure the math. I don’t have a baby. But want to make some for new born before she is born in Feb.

  2. I just made the Beautiful little head band for newborns . I have 54 Great Grand Children and 2 in the oven I’ve been making Noah’s Ark Baby Blankets I can read the pattern but I cannot follow the pattern . I just look at pictures and make it. I’ve been trying to crochet for 4 years I Thank you for your help Sincerely Goldie

  3. This beautiful headband would look beautiful with a bead are a fancy button sewn in the middle of each flower ?. Plus some booties to match with the cuffs in the flower design. Possibly mittens and scarf as well .

  4. Hi! I love these headbands, so easy and fast! I made a so far, but mine have a hole in the sitches between shells where you slip stitch (the slip stitches on top and bottom pull and create a hole), and I noticed yours headband doesn’t have holes there – any ideas on what I’m doing differently than you did? They are still turning out very pretty, just curious if I’m doing something wrong! Thanks 🙂

  5. Thank you for the pattern. Just made the newborn shell headband. My 2nd granddaughter by our 3rd daughter will be here in two days (as scheduled by her doctor). We wanted it to match her afgan which was made by her great grandmama.

  6. Made this in white,then i crocheted a long chain in navy blue and wrapped it around the space btw each shell for my aunt.
    She loved it alot

  7. I just made the shell head band. It was eazy and I enjoyed making it. I’m making a baby blanket, hat, and stuffed bunny rabbit to go with it. I’m using a baby soft sports yarn (white) and a fingerling yarn (peach). It makes it a 4ply. Since I ran out of white I finishing the blanket with three strans of peach. So far it’s going beautiful. I put a heart on the shell headband. Thank you for the patterns. I will be making a lot more of them.

  8. Thank you for this beautiful pattern. I made it in pink with DK yarn to match a baby set I just finished. It matches perfectly! It is a very easy pattern and I’m sure I will make a few more for charity. Kathy

  9. Thank you for the pattern. I’m crocheting a few in different colors for my great niece. It’s so easy and beautiful. Thank you again.

  10. I am afraid I don’t understand how the last 3 chains get worked into the first shell as the first double crochet. Please kindly clarify. Thank you!

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