DIY Kids Felt Christmas Tree Craft

This felt kids Christmas tree is perfect for young children as it's virtually indestructible, and even the craft-challenged parent can tackle it in an hour or less. You just need felt, scissors, and cookie cutters!

DIY Kids Felt Christmas Tree

There's nothing more un-fun than keeping small children off the family Christmas tree – for an entire month! We've been just putting ornaments on the top third of the tree, but this year I really wanted the boys to feel part of the decorations instead of excluding them, so I put up two trees for the boys – one is an artificial one that my oldest decorated with his own ornaments and his own star, and this wall felt Christmas tree. Both of which the boys can decorate and undecorate to their hearts' content!


  • 1 yard of felt (I bought mine at JoAnn's for just $2.99!)
  • Sharp fabric scissors
  • Fabric chalk pencils – one light and one dark, or a couple of pieces of chalk
  • Sheets of felt in your choice of colors (for the ornaments – only 23 cents at Wal-Mart for the brand “Eco-Fi” – and they’re made from recycled plastic bottles!)
  • Cookie cutters or stencils to trace the ornaments

How To Make the Tree

How to Cut the Felt for a Kids Christmas Tree

  • Decide how tall you want your tree – our's is about 3 1/2 feet tall
  • Fold the felt in half
  • With the fabric chalk pencils, draw half of a Christmas tree onto the felt. It doesn't have to be perfectly drawn because this can be the back. Keep at it until you get the shape you want. You could even do a simple triangle.
  • Cut out the felt along the lines. Since it's folded in half, it'll be perfectly symmetrical!
  • Trace the cookie cutters and stencils with a fabric chalk pencil and cut them out. I cut out 15, but could've fit 20 on the tree.

Felt sticks to felt, so you don't need anything to attach them to the tree!

I used Command Picture Hanging Strips (where to buy) to attach it to the wall so when I take it down, it won't damage the wall! I did find it was more secure if I glued the strips to the felt as it was prone to come off.

Then, let your children go to town decorating and undecorating it. As you can see in the picture, Gabe's favorite part is undecorating it! It's really a Christmas toy that we can enjoy year after year. I could even see this being an advent tree and adding one ornament a day to it.

DIY Kids Felt Christmas Tree Kids Can Decorate


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