DIY Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipe

A super duper easy post for making your own non-toxic and natural toilet bowl cleaner recipe that really works. Bonus is that you won't have to call poison control when your cute little toddler decides it might be a tasty drink!

Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipe with just water, Castile Soap, baking soda, water, and essential oils!

I love making my own cleaning supplies. First of all, they are WAY cheaper than the toxic, and very pricey non-toxic products you buy in the stores because most of the cleaners are of mostly water. Secondly, I'm not exposing myself or my family to all of the toxic chemicals readily found in nearly all of the products, eliminating the need to rush to the emergency room if one of my kids decides to take a swig of one of the cleaners (see my guide for getting started on making your own here).

I've almost completely switched over to making my own cleaning and beauty products at home to get rid of toxic chemicals in my house, but have been holding out on the toilet bowl cleaner. I've tried just sprinkling in some baking soda or borax, but wasn't terribly happy with the results. I wanted something that cleaned just a bit better and a recipe finally came to me!

Non-Toxic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipe gets the toilet squeaky clean!
There aren't too many artistic pictures one can take of the crapper.

Toxins in Toilet Bowl Cleaners

But first, I'd like to share what the EWG* (Environmental Working Group) rates my old favorite toilet bowl cleaner – Lysol Power. They (a team of scientists) test cosmetic and cleaning products and give them a grade based on the toxicity of their ingredients and my old, go-to toilet bowl cleaner gets a D (read the report here). That's not good, friends!

The first ingredient, Sodium Hypochlorite, gets and F for “developmental/endocrine/reproductive effects, damage to vision, cancer, kidney and urinary effects, nervous system effects, digestive system effects,” among other things. I know this has splashed in my eyes several times as I scrub the bowl with the brush, so that's pretty scary considering it causes vision damage.

Learn About the Ingredients in This Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipe

Baking Soda

Also known as sodium bicarbonate, it is a component of the natural mineral natron that is found in mineral springs. It is a natural deodorizer and scrubbing agent, perfect for removing soap scum and stuck on particles. Make a paste with some Castile soap and water, or just water and you might be surprised by how effective this very simple and safe ingredient can be! See all of my recipes that use baking soda here!

Castile Soap

Castile Soap is traditionally made from Olive Oil and comes from the Castile region of Spain, which is where it derives its name. Today it is also made from coconut, castor and hemp oils. It is free of animal fats, making it vegan, and free from synthetic ingredients, making it environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It is also a gently surfactant, unlike harsh ones such as sodium laureth sulfate that strip your hair and skin of its natural protective oils (like sebum). I have written extensively about Castile Soap here on the blog – see all of the ways you can use it here!

DIY Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipe Ingredients - Baking Soda, Castile Soap, water and Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils are wonderful to use in cleaners. They add extra cleaning and germ fighting power, and also smell wonderful, making the cleaning experience more enjoyable! In my family, we also use them for our health. I only use Young Living Essential Oils as I’ve found them to be the best and most effective ones on the market. Learn more about their oils here.


DIY Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipe

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A super easy natural toilet bowl cleaner recipe that really works to get rid of grime and odors in your toilet. 

  • Author: Sara McFall




Mix all of the ingredients in a small bowl and stir. Transfer to the squeeze bottle and you're done! To use, squirt around the toilet and scrub with a brush. The baking soda adds extra scrubbing power.

 To see all of my recipes using organic castile soap, click here.


    1. Hi Brianna! It last a super long time! Mine lasted for at least 6 months – essential oils are natural preservatives because of their purifying properties, so they are the secret ingredient to make it last a long time.

  1. Tx for a healthy cleaner. I get horrible migraines fr commercial cleaners. Also we have A LOT of cheap bubblebaths.

    They are too scented & knock ‘s ph off balance. Other than make slime or hand soap or a few other things… So I’ve used these! Plus lots of ppl are always getting rid of their stuff due to same reasons….

    So Im going to attempt to see if its replace this for the castile & scent you have in your own. Lol

  2. Hi
    You are so right to make your own cleaner
    I learn from people like your self .
    I clean lots of homes and offices.
    And l have to be careful with my health in the long run.keep up with your caring.ty.

  3. Everybody know how to clean the toilet properly. I think people forget the septic tank. Clean the septic tank 2 years in 1.

  4. I’m very interested in learning how to make my own cleaning products I just started commercial cleaning with my mother in law and I see how harmful and expensive the products are as well as inhaling them. I wanted to know what would be the price range with making your own products instead of buying them. Like how would you go about making polish for wood or spray for leather furniture?

  5. I made this the first time about 2 months ago and unfortunately I decided to double the ingredients and somehow it became like a thick blob of stuff in the bottle which clogged up the spray as I can’t seem to find a proper toilet bottle with the proper spout for a head….so I did something a little different this time I boiled the water, put the Castile soap in a ceramic bowl, put my drops of lavender and citrus oils with the baking soda and slowly poured the boiled water and stirred for the longest while making sure the baking soda dissolved, then I put the bowl aside to cool down before pouring it into the plastic bottle… far so good. Will see if it becomes thick again in a few days. I’m hoping that my trick worked. I LOVE this cleaner as it cleans the bowl beautifully and smells lovely. Thank you so much.🙏

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