Top Valentine’s Gifts for Kids Under $20 on Amazon Prime

Here are my top Valentine gift ideas for kids this year, with ten picks for boys and ten picks for girls, all of which you can purchase on Amazon Prime! So if you're a last-minute shopper like me, I thought I could help you with this post while I'm helping myself. Win-win!

Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids Under $20 on Amazon Prime

Dollar Store Store or Target Dollar Bins

I used to always feel like the next best place besides online shopping for holidays (especially when it's cold outside), are the dollar store and Target's Dollar Bins. However, I've found that my kids just don't really care or use the the dollar toys I get them! They end up on their bedroom floors or broken after a few uses and I throw them away a few months later – what a waste! So I like to get them a few nicer gifts now. Other things I'd add to this are washable markers and more candy – my kids go through markers like crazy!

I will get some things from the Dollar Store, like baskets or cute bags to put the gifts in so when they wake up on Valentine's Day, they'll have a cute tablescape awaiting them! I also love to have the dollar store mylar balloons to give them.

So here are the gifts I would actually give my kids as a mom of four kids, three boys and a girl, ages two to nine!

Girls Gifts

Top 10 Valentine's Gifts for Girls Under $20 on Amazon Prime
  1. Love by Eric Carle
  2. Jewelry Making Kit
  3. Unicorn Squishy Toy
  4. Toy Llama
  5. Candy Land Princess Edition
  6. Llama Llama I Love You
  7. Cupcake Squishy Set
  8. Lollipops (Dye-Free, Organic with Vitamin C!)
  9. Hearts Water Bottle
  10. Slap Bracelets

Boys Gifts

  1. Super Hero Squishy Set
  2. Dinosaur Water Bottle
  3. Happy Valentine's Day Mouse!
  4. Lollipops (Dye-Free with Vitamin C!)
  5. Star Wars Millenium Falcon Mini Lego Set
  6. Stink – The Super Incredible Collection
  7. Minecraft Lunchbox
  8. Sports Balls Squishy Set
  9. Uno Minecraft Edition
  10. Star Wars Socks
Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids on Amazon Prime Under $20

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