Love is In the Air with Valentine’s Diffuser Bomb Recipes

Fill your home with the aromas of love with these Valentine's diffuser bomb recipes! You can create a romanic atmosphere with these recipes and get in the mood. Essential oils affect the limbic system of the brain which controls emotions, so diffuser blends can be very effective for setting an atmosphere and mood!

Valentine's Day Diffuser Bomb Recipes using pure essential oils like Ylang Ylang, lavender, Geranium, Sage, Bergamot and more!

I Stopped Buying Scented Candles and Plug-Ins…

I love to make my home smell good, but when I used to use scented candles, plug-ins, and air fresheners, I found they would give me a headache, make me feel tired, and even make my nose burn! I started to research why they’d affect me like that as I got into more natural living and found that these fragrance-filled products are very toxic to our health.

Artificial Fragrances Contain Plastic and Formaldehyde

Artificial fragrances disperse particles of formaldehyde and phthalates (thy-lates) into the air. Phthalates are small particles of plastic that are used to bind the artificial fragrance molecules together. We then breathe in those tiny particles of plastic and they get into our nose and lungs – yikes!

The term “artificial fragrance” stands for more than 3,000 chemicals and companies do not have to disclose which chemicals are included. 

So there’s no way of knowing if the chemicals in the product are safe for our health or not. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be safe than sorry and now that I use essential oils, it’s SO easy to put a few drops in my diffuser or make things like Valentine's diffuser bomb recipes like we’re doing today to make our homes smell romantic and sweet!

Burning Love Valentine's Day Essential Oil Diffuser Bomb Recipe - make your own customizable diffuser blends with these recipe

The 6 Valentine's Diffuser Bomb Recipes

Here are all six essential oil Valentine's diffuser bomb recipes. Click on the links below to purchase the different essential oils. These recipes are for 1/4 of an ounce, which is about 25 drops. To use, put one small squirt into your diffuser. To learn more about getting started with essential oils, see my essential oils page here.

Supplies Needed

Here are the supplies needed for your Valentine's diffuser bomb recipes. For essential oils, my favorite company is Young Living Essential Oils. They not only provide the highest quality essential oils (and supplements, among many other natural products), but you also get to be on my support and education team to learn how to use your oils! Learn more here.

Love Struck

Endless Love

Burning Love

Love Struck Diffuser Bomb Blend for Valentine's Day

Be Mine

Sweet Heart

Hooked On You

Valentine's Day Diffuser Bomb and Room Spray Labels using pure essential oils

Get the Labels for the Valentine's Diffuser Bomb Recipes Here!

You can get the matching label set to these Valentine's diffuser bomb recipes in my Etsy shop here! They also come with Valentine's spray bottle or room spray labels and a handout in case you want to have some friends over to make the sprays and diffuser bombs together. Make sure to make some healthy peppermint mochas to sip on while you make your recipes!

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