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How to Make Grape Kefir Soda

Grape kefir soda can replace regular soda and it’s healthy, full of probiotics, and can even give you some energy with no sugar rush or energy crash later on. It’s also super easy to make, so let’s get started!

Homemade Grape Kefir Soda - yummy and gut healthy!

We gave up drinking soda and juice once our kids were born, but we really do miss it from time to time. So when I got into healthy and natural eating, I was so excited to see that I can make my own soda at home that is healthy for my gut! And it’s sooo quick and easy!

Soda and Sweet Tea are in my BLOOD!

I am an Atlanta, Georgia native – home of Coca-Cola! I grew up drinking sweet tea and coke, and have visited the Coco-Cola museum many times. I know many people who work at the headquarters. In other words, it feels like Coke is in my blood! It’s like part of being a Georgia Girl.

Once I started to learn about eating healthy as an adult (my mom raised me on healthy food, but of course, I didn’t listen and had to learn on my own as an adult!), one of the first things I cut out was sweet tea and sodas because they are super easy calories to drop. I lost a good 10 pounds in college just cutting out those drinks!

Kefir is a LOT like soda

This is the great news! Kefir is carbonated, it bubbles when you pour it out, it fizzes and has that carbonated taste. If you use grape or apple juice (though I find that grape does ferment the best), it still has a hint of sweetness, just enough, not too much. The trick is to ferment it for just the right amount of time, and that is going to be different depending on the temperature of your house and the season. 10-12 hours is all we need. I also have a tutorial on the blog for making your own kombucha tea, which is also super yummy, but it is caffeinated and takes 7-10 days to ferment. This juice is not caffeinated.

How to Make Your Own Grape Kefir Soda

What’s Special About Kefir?

Well, it’s full of gut-healthy probiotics – up to 30 strains of bacteria! This is so healthy for your intestinal tract and can help with all sorts of digestive illnesses and issues, and even help with bigger issues like auto-immune diseases and cancer. How? Processed foods, stress, antibiotics and too much sugar can wreck havoc on our gut bacteria and deplete it.

I feel energized and bubbly after drinking it – it’s so neat! The kefir grains actually metabolize the sugar out of the juice so you’re left with this fresh tasting, but not too sugary carbonated juice. It is effervescent and light, and much easier to make than kombucha. My kids LOVE it and drink it every time I make it, which is about twice a week.

Healthy Alternative to Soda - Grape Kefir Soda

How to Make It

  • Purchase water kefir grains here
  • Follow the instructions that come with your grains, or follow what I do below.
  • 2 quarts organic grape juice or Welch’s Grape Juice (I bought a glass jar for my first round so I could reuse the jar)
  • Add the grains to the grape juice, leaving about 1 inch of space at the top of the jar
  • Ferment for 12-24 hours with the lid on
  • Strain out the grains with a strainer and drink
  • PRO TIP – save about a cup of the kefir to use as starter and make endless amounts of batches this way without using the grains! Nothing to strain out.

Be prepared to get addicted! It’s so delish!




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