Monster Repellent Spray Recipe with Essential Oils

Nighttime can be so scary for kids, so here's an essential oil spray to keep the monsters away and help your child to feel safer and more secure so they can sleep well.

I remember as a kid being so scared at night. I thought for sure I was seeing shadows of ghosts walking outside my bedroom and down the hall. I had a very active and vivid imagination and two of my four kids also have this same imagination. They also struggle to fall asleep at night so I'm so happy that I now have essential oils to help them!

Monster Repellent Spray

Put the salt in the bottom of the bottle first, then drop in the essential oils. Add water. To stick on a label, wipe the bottle down with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol. It'll stick really well! This recipe can be doubled.

How to Use the Spray

Combine with a Bedtime Routine

I highly recommend combining this spray with a bedtime routine for the best results! Having a bedtime routine really helps to help kids (and us, too!) feel calm and settle down for the night and we find that anytime we skip the routine, our kids are wild and wired and things get craaaaay! Of course, it isn't always possible to follow a routine, especially when traveling, but we do our best.

Monster Repellent Spray using Essential Oils to help kids sleep well at night and feel safe and secure

Spray it With Your Child

As you're tucking them in for the night, have them spray their pillow, sheets, pajamas, and the air and explain how it helps them to have sweet dreams and keeps them safe. I suggest having a prayer or affirmation to use along with it!

Side note – the oils in this recipe are clear-colored so they will not stain linens. I wouldn't put in any oils that have a color to them as they will stain!

Essential oils to help kids and adults alike fall sleep and stay asleep

Pro Tip – Diffuse the essential oils for even better results!

I have diffusers in each of my children's rooms (I have four kids…so we have a lot of them all over the house!) and use them as often as I feel like filling them LOL to help my kids stay well and fall asleep. Here are some of my favorite essential oils to diffuse for them:

*indicates it’s in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit – getting the essential oils in a kit saves you 40% and you get a FREE diffuser that comes with a one-year warranty! You also get 24% off of all of Young Living’s products for an entire year! See what comes in the Premium Starter Kit below, and click here to read more!

Young Living's amazing Premium Starter Kit

My Favorite Essential Oils Company

I buy my essential oils exclusively from Young Living. I have found their quality and standards to be the best in the business! Their oils have worked better for me and my family than any other company’s oils. They have very strict quality standards and I’ve seen them for myself as I’ve visited several of their farms. No pesticides or herbicides and they hand weed their fields as farming equipment can damage plants and cause the essential oils that come from them to be less effective. 

To learn more about them, get started here.

Printable Label Set

Get the adorable labels from the pictures in my Etsy shop here!

Monster Repellent Spray Recipe with essential oils to help kids fall asleep and stay asleep at night

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