My All-Natural, Homemade Beauty Regimen

Making your own beauty and body care products at home is pretty easy – and fun! It ensures your body gets the best care without toxins, dyes, perfumes and other harmful ingredients. Go back to nature and save some money in the meantime!
My All-Natural Homemade Beauty Regimen

I just love having all-natural, homemade beauty products because they are much less expensive than store-bought items with the same ingredients, much healthier and I don't have to worry about the chemicals or how it was made. Click on any of the links to see the full posts I've written on each item!

In the Shower

Body Wash – Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap

Similar to my other post on homemade hand washing soap, I use the same recipe for my body wash, but remove the tea tree oil (since it doesn't need to be antibacterial). If you've never heard of this amazing soap, see here how it can not only be used for the body, but also for cleaning pretty much anything in the house! Dr. Bronner's is now sold in Target and I've even seen in it in Publix and other grocery store chains! I buy it by the gallon, since I use so much of it, and get a great price on Amazon.

Body Scrub – Baking Soda

When I get bored of the body wash, I will make this super cheap, super easy, effective and gentle body scrub. It exfoliates and cleans without leaving my skin dry. Plus, baking soda is something you can never have too much of if you make your own cleaning products, too!

Homemade Bath Salts

These bath salts, made from Epsom and Dead Sea salts, detoxify the muscles and are the perfect way to end the day. I created a heavenly, sensual garden aroma with essential oils that adds the perfect finishing touch to these salts (where to buy high quality essential oils)!

Shampoo & Conditioner – Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar OR Baking Soda-Free Alternatives

I make my own shampoo and conditioner for literally just pennies per batch. The most amazing part is that baking soda and ACV have worked better for me than any other hair product – my hair is now the healthiest it's ever been in my life. And I have curly, thick, hair with it's own personality and zip code!

Shaving Cream – Coconut Oil and Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap

I have used both Dr. Bronner's and coconut oil (Tropical Traditions is my fav) as shaving cream. Both work very well, but Dr. Bronner's left my legs a little dry. Coconut oil works wonderfully and softens the hair to make shaving easy and razor bump free, and an added bonus is my skin is super soft afterwards.

Out of the Shower

I'm crazy about this lotion, made of pure shea butter, coconut and almond oils, and beeswax. I tend to have very dry, itchy skin and this lotion zaps the irritation. I also use it on bug bites for my kids and have been very happy with how it stops the itching. If I were to buy this lotion in the store, it would cost a ton since it is full of pure ingredients!

Homemade Deodorant

I was very skeptical to make my own deodorant, because no one wants to deal with B.O.! But I have been pleasantly surprised by how effective this recipe is, and I think the secret ingredients are the lavender and tea tree oil that effectively kill odor-causing bacteria. Plus, it's super duper cheap to make! Plus, I don't have to worry about the aluminum that is in anti-perspirants and has been linked to breast cancer. My husband has also been using it for the past month and is happy with it – no complaints!

Body Moisturizer – Coconut Oil

I'm crazy about using coconut oil in beauty products – it smells so good and is so moisturizing, not to mention packed with vitamins and even a little bit of sun protection (5%). I love to use it on my arms and legs and very dry spots, but find that it clogs the pores on my face.

Natural and Non-Toxic Face Cleansing with OilOil Cleansing Method for the Face

I am crazy about the oil cleansing method – it's so easy, so pure and so moisturizing without being comedogenic. It also works as a makeup remover! What's there not to love?

Tonic for Skin Irritation

I dilute one tablespoon apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and dip a cotton ball or a washcloth in it to and wipe on the skin. It stops any itching from bug bites, eczema or other skin irritation. It works very well, and my son even asks me to put it on his bug bites when they itch and not Cortizone. It also leaves my skin feeling soft, like I have on lotion! Read all about the amazing properties and uses for apple cider vinegar here!

Homemade Lip Balm with Clove and Orange

This is a yummy and very effective homemade lip balm – even my dad says its his favorite product! The coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax make a soothing, healing balm and essential oils add the flavor and finishing touch (where to buy high quality essential oils).

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