New Podcast Coming that’s Just for Mamas!

I’m thrilled to introduce my new podcast to you – The Merry Messy Moms show! It officially launches Monday, September 24 at 7 am EST. Moms, this will be your place for adult conversation, mom hacks, inspiration and connection. It can be your escape from folding laundry, being a taxi driver, washing dishes and cleaning toilets! I hope to fill your airwaves with tidbits and encouragement to make your daily life as a supermama just a little bit easier.

The Merry Messy Moms Show - Podcast
Mom life can be lonely, and we all know it has its share of challenges. I wanted to create a community of amazing mamas where we can encourage one another and share wisdom along the way to help us be the best mamas we can be. And this starts within our own hearts and minds. We can grow together and have fun along the way!

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Make sure to join our Facebook community group where we discuss the episodes and chat about the issues that are important to us as mothers. It’s a place to connect with other real and inspiring mamas and know that you are an amazing mama who isn’t screwing it all up! You'll also be able to connect with the amazing women that I interview in the group.

The Merry Messy Moms Show - An Uplifting Podcast for Mamas

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