Oil Pulling Challenge – Day 2

Welcome back to our week-long Oil Pulling Challenge – it's day 2! I'm challenging my readers to do oil pulling for a week and to write about their experience – so we can all learn and be motivated by each other. I'm learning so much from you as you have left very informative comments and great questions!

Oil Pulling Challenge - Day 2 - Try Oil Pulling for a Week for Optimal Health!

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My Day 2 Experience

I usually like to do it in the mornings, but today with the time change, we all woke up late and were rushing off to church. So, I did it while I was making lunch instead! My husband was outside playing with the kids, so that made it much easier for me because I didn't have to talk. I set the timer for 20 minutes, put a drop of peppermint essential oil in my teaspoon of coconut oil and got to swishing. I still had trouble not swallowing, but it was noticeably easier as I only swallowed twice. It really helped to be busy with lunch and the time passed so quickly I went over! Again, my mouth feels SO clean and fresh. The peppermint helps a lot with that. See the Day 1 challenge post if you missed how to use peppermint oil in it.

Reader Comments

Here's one from Susan that I want to share. She was responding yesterday to a reader who was curious if olive oil would work okay. I've read that any oil works, but coconut oil works the best. Here's Susan's experience!

Olive oil does not seem to work as well. It doesn't have the properties of coconut oil — anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. I tried this with olive oil a year ago and it didn't really result in anything.

I had trouble with a recurrent abscess 6 months ago. Nothing would touch it — not antibiotics, not the dentist, nothing. Oil pulling with coconut oil completely solved it in 1 day.

Wow, now that's impressive!

Wal-Mart Carries Coconut Oil!

Another reader, Sara, who blogs at Sara's Craft Cacophony, got her coconut oil (unrefined and organic!) at Wal-Mart! Great to know they carry it. She is also writing about the challenge on her blog! So, you can follow her story here.

Clean, Fresh Feeling

Everyone seems to report that their teeth and mouth feel very clean afterwards. I feel the same way – it really feels like I've brushed my teeth, which makes me think it's cutting through plaque and removing anything that was stuck on before.

Having Trouble Fighting the Urge to Swallow?

Reader Fuego writes: “I avoid swallowing as best as possible by tilting my head forward, chin down, & gently relieving the urge. I don’t think I swallowed anything.” Great tip! I tried that today and it really did help.

Common Struggles

Many don't like the feeling of the coconut oil going from a solid to a liquid in their mouths. A suggestion is to melt the oil first so you start with it in liquid state. Others complain that it's hard not to gag, but they are pushing through and not giving up! Good for you, that's not easy to do!

So, thank you for all your comments! How did Day 2 go? Is it getting easier? Tell us your experience, either good or bad, below!

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