Oil Pulling Challenge – Day 4

This is day four of a week-long challenge to encourage oil pulling! It is an ancient practice of removing bacteria and toxins through the mouth with oil – coconut, almond or sesame oils.

Oil Pulling Challenge - Day 4 of a Week Long Challenge

Just joining us? Here's what we've been doing so far. The first post explains all the details of oil pulling – what the heck it is and why you'd care to do it 🙂 and the rest include tips and tricks from all of my readers. Quite a lot of nuggets in there!

My Day 4 Experience

I was very busy with the kids this morning, so I had a very hard time making it the whole time – I only did 14 minutes instead of 20. I also had a lot of trouble to keep from swallowing – the urge was worse. This is the first time I've done less than 20 minutes, so I felt like I took a step back UNTIL I looked in the mirror. Four days ago, there was yellow at the base of all my teeth. Not sure if it was plaque or tartar or the fact that I use turmeric a lot (haha!). I've noticed it's there all the time until today. The discoloration is nearly gone!

Your Tips and Stories

Helps With Sinus Issues and Allergies, and even Reduces PMS Symptoms!

Reader Dana wrote yesterday –

I am so excited you are writing about oil pulling because it must be pretty popular right now and I also am trying it! I have severe sinus issues and am finding that it makes my allergies a little more “manageable”. I also have some hormonal imbalances and using the coconut oil for the oil pulling I think is helping my hormones to feel more balanced – I noticed reduced PMS symptoms (anger, restlessness, sadness).

Quite a few of you have said you are normally clearly your throat most of the day (which is usually related to post-nasal drip and could indicate a sensitivity to dairy, by the way) and since you've started this challenge, you noticed you've stopped doing it!

Rebecca wrote – “I have noticed that my teeth are whiter, and it seems like my mouth stays fresher longer, even after drinking coffee and tea.” Many write similar comments each day – many feel their mouths feel fresher and cleaner longer. That would definitely indicate to me that bacteria is being removed!

So many are seeing improvement with little things, even after just 3 or 4 days. Imagine what improvements we could be seeing in two weeks or a month?

So, now it's YOUR time to share! How'd it go today? Noticing any changes? Good or bad?

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