Our Gender Reveal Party and Baby Announcement!

Are you dying to know yet? I know I was this morning – we had our sonogram (see the 3-d pics here!) two days ago so I was ready to find out today. We had an awful night last night with the boys – let's just say, their room STUNK. I will not be feeding them a dinner with lots of beans for a while! They had gas and stomach pains all night, and the hubby and I played referee all night long. Needless to say, we woke up groggy and exhausted and not at all in a party mood. We really needed to have something to look forward to!

Ever since becoming a mom, I no longer put on extravant parties. The simpler the better for me and I find when it's simple and I don't have to do a lot of work (because taking care of the demo brothers, as they are fondly nicknamed by their grandaddy, is enough work for five people!) I enjoy the party SO much more! I can sit down, relax and actually talk to the people I've invited. So this party was PERFECT. No house to clean (before OR after), barely any food to prepare, no decorations to put up, and no rental fees (I could've rented a pavilion, but was more excited to save the $70 and bet on finding an empty picnic table). We bought chicken salad from Costco (believe it or not, it's really good!), bought some fresh rolls from the grocery store, had water bottles in the coolers (sugary drinks just make a mess with my kids around), a big bag of chips, a bunch of grapes, and I made egg salad for the vegetarians in the family. The result? Easy peasy chicken and egg salad sandwiches that fed 15 people with enough leftover for us to eat dinner tonight, and many had two sandwiches (are you pointing a finger at me?! Hey, I'm continuing the human race, people!). Normally we like to do cookouts when we entertain, but meat for 15 people really starts to get expensive. This ran us about $25, maybe a little less.

It couldn't have been a more perfect fall day – it was chilly and perfectly sunny and the park wasn't crowded so we found picnic tables all together and took them over, covering them with my sister's before-I-was-married-and-my-husband-won't-allow-pink bedsheets. They were so cute – and to think we almost bought some. Then, I had a cake made at a famous local bakery (Paula Deen's cousin started it!) aptly named Gabriel's (our oldest is named Gabriel!). We only ate half of this 9-inch round cake.

So, now I'll let the pictures do the talking (are you relieved?). Remember, we already have two BOYS (ages 3 and 1). I subconsciously wore pink, but several others wore pink on purpose. Did it work? See below!

Gender Reveal Party - My Family
A family picture before cutting the cake and finding out our future!
Gender Reveal party - Cutting the Cake
Gabe really had no idea why we were so excited to cut a cake, except that maybe we just really, really wanted to eat it!
Gender Reveal Party - It's a BOY!
I could see the blue as I pulled out the knife, half hoping it was pink, but then realizing my instincts were right all along so I shouted, “I knew it! I knew it!”
Gender Reveal Party
It's ANOTHER BOY! And we found out in a beautiful cake – what a genius idea (not mine)!
Gender Reveal Party
Just to double-check, we made sure there wasn't a technical error and read the card the sonographer wrote for us. Nope, more testosterone and dirt coming our way!

Wowee, another boy. I better start liking Red Bull cuz I sure as heck am gonna need it! My mother-in-law reminded me today – 3 boys in 3 1/2 years. NO WONDER I'M GOING CRAZY!! More wrestling, dirt, grunting, penis talk (yes, that's already started), rambunctiousness, trucks, sweat, and yes, also sweetness with a soft spot for their mama, coming my way. Prayers are welcomed and appreciated (smile). I do love my boys an awful lot, and it is nice that I can still say “my boys.”

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