Printable Positive Affirmation Cards for Moms

Positive affirmations are so powerful, and us moms especially need them to move past the guilt, the exhaustion and stress. To know we are good moms who are just doing our best! Here are some cards I wrote and designed just for moms!

48 Printable Positive Affirmation Cards for Moms

Affirmations are Simple, Yet Powerful

The Bible says that life and death are in the power of the tongue. Many spiritual teachers believe that we create our own reality with our words.

I know that can sound so weird at first – create our own reality? But think about it. The lens through which we see our lives determines our attitude and perspective, it determines what we believe to be true. Two people can go through the same exact circumstances at the same time and come out telling different stories, having remembered different things, and form different conclusions. For each of them, that was their reality.

Positive affirmations have been a big part of my journey back to confidence, to feeling beautiful, to filling my mind with truth. They have quite literally, changed my reality.

48 Printable Positive Affirmations Cards for Encouraging and Empowering Moms

I used to Have Such a Negative Perspective

I used to see the world through, for lack of a better word, lies. Viewed things from a victim mindset and it seriously knocked down my confidence and joy. Felt that circumstances outside of me determined my mood and happiness. If I was feeling stressed and anxious, then it was because my kids were crying, the dishes were dirty, and there was tons of laundry to do. What I never realized it it was because I was choosing a negative lens through which to view my circumstances.

I struggled with feeling so lonely, that people didn't care about me and that maybe, I didn't really matter to anyone but my family.

So I got into a huge habit of complaining, and even wrote an entire post about how I broke free from that here!Felt if I complained, my parents and my husband would fix things for me so I'd feel better.

48 Printable Affirmation Cards for Moms to Raise Your Confidence and Joy
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How I've Used Affirmations as a Mom

When I broke that habit of complaining a few years ago, I used affirmations to do it! I learned that our words are so powerful and I was speaking death over my life and over other people by complaining, gossiping, and not being grateful. It was stemming from a heart that needed healing and transformation.

So I downloaded a list of affirmations and Bible verses, put them up in my bathroom and bedroom where I'd see them everyday, and began reciting them morning and night. I wrote them down in my journal, which for me, really helps to get them in my brain.

Thoughts are Just Habits

You see, our brains will believe whatever we tell them to believe. Beliefs are just thoughts you've been thinking over and over again until they become your truth, your REALITY.

So in order to upgrade your mood, your feelings, your life, it's so important that we will our minds with messages of truth, of light, and love to change those habits of thought. Let them wash over us until those old, ugly habits of thought that bring us down and contribute to our anxiety, loneliness and even depression, finally disappear and we forget we used to even think that way.

I've finally gotten to that place! So much so, that writing about where I've been is difficult because it's hard to remember! You can get there, too, and I have several tools to help you do that.

Beautiful positive affirmation cards for moms to help you change negative thoughts into positive ones

Affirmation Cards and Album

So you can have a set of affirmations designed JUST for moms and the issues we deal with on a daily basis! Poor body image, mom guilt, wondering if we are ever doing enough, taking care of everyone else but ourselves, feeling jealous of other moms, lacking confidence and joy. Grab them in my Etsy shop here!

How to Use the Cards:

Take the ones that are really speaking to you and put them up on your bathroom mirrors, bedside table, refrigerator, car dashboard – wherever you will see them throughout your day.

I have both an affirmation card set, which is on Etsy, and an album, which you can grab on iTunes or wherever you buy music! Just search for Mindful Mamas and it'll come up, or click here to listen to the songs and purchase.

The Power of Affirmations and How to Use Them - eBook!

The card set also includes an eBook which explains more about the brain and how to upgrade your thoughts with affirmations. It includes all of the affirmations written out, so that you can print those out to recite them as often as you'd like.

It also includes 25 Positive Affirmations to Build Your Child's Character, and 25 Positive Affirmations to Build Your Child's Self Worth and Value!

Make sure to also check out my album, and here is more about it on this page. Listen to these positive, affirming messages in your car while you're driving, even your kids will benefit from hearing them. Or listen to the as soon as you wake up in the morning, or before you go to bed at night so that you start and end your day on a clean, positive slate. I also did a podcast episode on the album that you can listen to here!

Mindful Mamas - Affirmations and Meditations Album for Moms and Kids

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