Oil Pulling Challenge – Day 7

We are crossing the finish line with our very last oil pulling day challenge! I’ve been challenging my readers for a week to try oil pulling and see what differences they see in their oral and dental health, and overall health. There have been some fantastic testimonials about this ancient, Indian practice that really works! […]

Detoxify Your Body – Week 3 of the Detoxify Your Life Challenge

Welcome to week three of our “31 Days to Detoxify Your Life” challenge! In week 1, for Detoxify Your Food, we discussed the toxins in our food system and how to eliminate the common junk that is found in every kitchen, along with some delicious real food recipes. In week 2, Detoxify Your Home, we talked all […]

Detoxify Your Home – Week 2 Challenge of Detoxify Your Life

Welcome to week 2 of the 31 Days to Detoxify Your Life Challenge! Last week’s challenge was to detoxify your food, which I think we can all agree, is by far the hardest thing to change, but it is also where you will see the most improvement in your overall health. The next step is […]

Detoxify Your Food – Week 1 of a Detoxify Your Life Challenge

I’m participating with 10 other natural bloggers to bring you our 31 Days To Detoxify Your Life eBook and challenge, which starts today! Each week we are offering a way to detoxify your life to boost your health through food, home, body and medicine. To find out more about this challenge you can see my announcement post HERE. […]

How to Detox Your Body and Home and Why It Helps

The whole concept of detoxification was a completely foreign one to me until I started living naturally and eating real food. I never understood or even cared what it was about and now incorporate detox strategies into my daily routine as I find it improves my digestion, helps my mood, increases my energy, and relaxes […]