Oil Pulling Challenge – Day 7

We are crossing the finish line with our very last oil pulling day challenge! I've been challenging my readers for a week to try oil pulling and see what differences they see in their oral and dental health, and overall health. There have been some fantastic testimonials about this ancient, Indian practice that really works!

Oil Pulling Challenge - Day 7 - Last Day of a Week-Long Challenge to Try Oil Pulling for A Week for Better Dental and Overall Health!

I'm going to be recapping the best testimonials and tips from all seven days and putting them into the main oil pulling post soon, so stay tuned for that! I have learned so much from you this week and I hope it's been the same for you – I loved creating a community where we could keep each other accountable and grow together. I will definitely be doing this again soon with another task!

My Day 7 Experience

I'm still having trouble swallowing – that part really hasn't gotten much easier for me. I'm still holding out that it will just take another few days before I'm used to it, but who knows!? I'm still loving using the peppermint oil – my mouth feels SO fresh, like I just brushed my teeth. Also, my eczema has really improved and nothing has really changed in my diet (even though I'm on a very strict diet to help, the GAPS diet) so I definitely contribute that to the coconut oil! I did read on another website that it can take up to three weeks to see noticeable differences in your health, so I'm surprised I saw improvement in my eczema and SO many of you have noticed your teeth are whiter in just one week! Imagine how much better it'll get in two weeks!

Die-Off Symptoms and Detoxification

I've had several comments/questions about die-off symptoms. This is a detoxification technique that removes bacteria and toxins via the mouth, so when starting oil pulling, you may experience die-off symptoms such as intestinal upset, a skin rash, moodiness, fatigue, etc. I know there were several who had abnormal bowel movements several days after starting, and I meant to mention it, but I did, too! I thought I ate something that was irritating me, but I realized it was probably the oil pulling. Those are normal symptoms – as with an detoxification program, many times you do feel worse before you feel better. That is good! Your body is effectively eliminating toxins that it couldn't before. So, don't give up!

It's Not So Hard!

Ashlei wrote, “I actually started this 3 days ago myself. I was expecting it to be incredibly difficult to get used to the feel of oil in my mouth, but I wawasn'ts bad as I imagined it. I’ve been able to do it for the whole 20 minutes.”

You Get Used To the Not Swallowing…

Connie wrote,

I have been doing this for over a month and believe me, the more you do it the more you won’t even notice (how hard it is to not swallow). I felt like you at the beginning and wanted to stop, but I kept on and I am happy I did…..I notice the cleaner mouth and better looking teeth, too, and who knows what else it’s helping. I do it as soon as I get up and I mean it when I say, soon you will have no “weird” feelings when you are doing it!

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So, how did the last day go? Anymore tips, success stories or struggles? Leave your comments below!


  1. Hi Sara,

    I have been doing oil pulling using coconut oil and half tsp triphala powder (an ancient indian herb). It is just amazing and makes your gums and teeth tighter and cleaner. Must try.

  2. I just started doing this with coconut oil. There’s nothing weird about it and it’s better than using a commercial mouthwash. My mouth feels great afterwards.

  3. Why is the underpart of my mouth very swollen and my whole tongue and rest of the mouth after doing this feel so abnormal ?

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