17 Essential Oil Roller Bottle Recipes

Here are 17 essential oil roller bottle recipes that help you with nearly every area of life!

17 Essential Oil Roller Recipes for Natural Health and Wellness

We use a lot of roller bottles in this house! I've got several in each of my kids' rooms and all throughout the kitchen, my bedroom and bathroom. They make using essential oils so practical and easy!

How to Make a Roller Bottle

Carrier Oil

You need 1 tbsp. of any carrier oil. Here are some of my top favorites:

Roller Bottles

You need a roll on bottle. Here are several different popular options.

Making Your Roller Bottle

Put in the essential oils first (10-20 drops per bottle), then add the carrier oil. Push on the roller ball top, then screw on the cap. To dilute for children, see my guide here.

To apply the labels, wipe the bottle down with rubbing alcohol first, then dry with a paper towel. Or, wash with soap and water and then dry with a paper towel.

My Favorite Essential Oils Company

I buy my essential oils exclusively from Young Living. I have found their quality and standards to be the best in the business! Their oils have worked better for me and my family than any other company's oils. They have very strict quality standards, and I've seen them for myself as I've visited several of their farms. No pesticides or herbicides, and they hand weed their fields as farming equipment can damage plants and cause the essential oils that come from them to be less effective.

To learn more about them, get started here.

Printable Label Set

To get the pretty labels that go with these recipes, click here to head over to my Etsy shop to get your own printable set, or click here to buy waterproof vinyl labels.

17 printable roller bottle labels with essential oils

17 Roller Bottle Recipes


Sleep Well









Essential Oil Roll On Recipe for balancing a woman's hormones




Clear Skin




*indicates it's in Young Living's Premium Starter Kit – getting the essential oils in a kit saves you 40%, and you get a FREE diffuser that comes with a one-year warranty! See what comes in the Premium Starter Kit below, and click here to read more!

Young Living's Premium Starter Kit for Essential Oils and a Diffuser


    1. Great question! It helps to balance women’s hormones. For me, it has reduced my menstrual cramps to almost nothing!! It also balances my mood and decreased my flow.

  1. Silly question, I am new to oils! But where do you use the roller? Is it just known it goes on just your wrists?

    1. Hi Amanda! Not a silly question at all. So you apply it where its needed. So if you have a headache, you’ll roll it on your head and neck. If you’ve got a cold, roll it on your sinuses, the spine, and chest. Two good places to apply all oils are the bottoms of the feet and the spine because both are nerve centers and they help get the oils all over the body.

  2. Hi I was a Young Living associate for years and went inactive last year. I am looking for a group that is into the education and of wholistic uses of essential oil

  3. I am passed the monthly cycles. Thank goodness. Would the same recipe of oils work for me. The hormone roller bottle? Turning 65 next year.

    1. Hi Lisa! So the glow recipe is to help your skin glow – great for helping with the signs of ageing, dry skin, blemishes, etc. You just roll on the face and massage in after washing.

  4. Quick question: The directions say use 1 Tbl. carrier oil then you list difference recipes for each catergory. But is just one Tbl. then 15 or so drops of essential oils not be enough to fill the roller bottle?

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