Free Crochet Fall Mantel Patterns

Here's a tutorial and free crochet fall mantel patterns to bring autumn into your home! This includes crochet patterns for an owl amigurumi, pumpkins and a triangle bunting.

Free Crochet Fall Mantel Patterns - an Owl Amigurumi, Crochet Pumpkins, and a Triangle Bunting

It's So Fun to Make Your Own Home Decor

It's taken me a month to crochet all the items for our mantel, and it's now finally all ready for fall and even Thanksgiving! This has been such a cheerful addition to the house and has really brightened up the living room. I love the colors and it's so fun to see all your handiwork displayed for all to enjoy!

I'm more proud of my decorations when I make them myself, do you feel the same way?

Free Crochet Fall Mantel Patterns

I have all of the free crochet patterns you need to make these adorable decorations here on the blog!

Yarn Colors to Make this Adorable Set

To make these partners, I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn. This is a stiffer yarn that I don't really recommend for hats or scarves because it's a bit scratchy. But it's perfect for decor because it's affordable, stiff and strong. Here are the colors I used:

Crochet Mantel with Owl, Pumpkins and Bunting patterns
I bought a bag of decorative fall veggies to fill it out.
Free Crochet Fall Mantel Patterns with an Owl, Bunting & Pumpkins
Here is the cornucopia and flowers I bought at Michael's to add to my crochet projects.
Fall Crochet Mantel with Owl, Pumpkins, and Bunting Patterns


  1. Oh your patterns and decorating ideas are wonderful!!
    I work for a non-profit for seniors and they love to crochet!!
    I hope you do not mind me sharing some of your free patterns?
    These ladies do not have internet and during this pandemic they have been cut off so i want them to use your hanging on the mantle idea so they can hang them in the window to cheer themselves up. Plus we have volunteers that sit with some of the elderly that are recovering and i thought these would cheer them also!! Thanks they are so exited to do this. This will make such a joy for so many.

    1. Hi Anita! Yes you are free to share my patterns with your residents, I’d love knowing they can enjoy the patterns and it’ll bring them joy. If you can, could you tag me on Instagram so I could see the completed project? @mymerrymessylife

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