Free Fun for Kids – Shredded Paper Sensory Play

Before you recycle or throw out the bin of shredded paper from your shredder, consider letting it loose for the kids!

Shredded Paper Sensory Fun Play for Kids

This is a great sensory activity and my boys loved using their diggers and dumpers to push the paper around. Sensory play is so important in early childhood education – they learn with their hands and their bodies and discover the world through touch. It can be so frustrating for us as parents – I'm constantly reminding myself that my kids aren't making a mess, they're learning.

Free Fun - Play with Shredded Paper from the Shredder!

This is a great activity for a rainy day, and it isn't all that hard to clean up. In less than five minutes, the boys and I had swept it up (that is until Grayson, the younger wilder one, decided it'd be fun to pour water over part of it and that paper started to stick to the floor). So, don't make the mistake I did and give them a cup of water while playing! DUH!

Playing with Shredded Paper

Is it hot where you live? Or does it never snow? For the very brave, fun, mess-friendly parents, pretend it's snowing and throw the paper in the air! Mine figured that out really fast (see the paper in Grayson's hair?). Kids always discover their own way to play with toys, and their ways are often much more creative! Even after the blizzard, the mess was still minimal.

We'll be starting Montessori homeschool in a few weeks (starting with some preschool things for them), and this will be a great activity to revisit when the boys need a break.

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