Green Kid Crafts – Backyard Science Discovery Kit Review

If you're looking for something fun and educational for your kids that doesn't include a screen, Green Kid Crafts is for you! This is such a neat concept because they aim to bring kids a monthly craft that is earth-friendly, educational and fun to build confidence, creativity and appreciation for the environment.

Green Kids Crafts Backyard Science Discovery Box Review

We were able to check out the Backyard Science Discovery kit and it was the perfect kit for my boys! They are outside every single day during the summer, even during the rain. I swear they feel more at home when their hands are muddy and they're romping through the grass, checking out leaves, bugs and other critters.

The kits come in small, easy to handle cardboard boxes that, in this case, also served as a shadow box for my kids' nature treasures! This kit has a sunprint magnet, a leaf pendant made of clay, and a nature collection bag to decorate.


What I loved (as the parent) about these craft kits is that each project comes in it's own biodegradable plastic bag – so everything you need for that craft is all there in one place. Makes it super easy for me to sit down with him and create – it even came with scissors! Plus, I loved the educational approach and the emphasis on using green materials.

My Merry Messy Life: Green Kids Crafts Backyard Discovery Kit - Nature Collection Bag

Gabriel loves to paint and color right now (he's 4), so I asked him what he'd like to work on first, and he chose the bag without any hesitation. We got right to work using the leaf impression, which is a raised relief stencil of a leaf that you put under the fabric and color on top of it.

Decorating Our Nature Collection Bag
Coloring his nature collection bag with the provided fabric crayons.

Gabriel liked it for a few minutes, then lost interest, so, we put our heads together and decided it'd be even more fun to paint the stencil itself and used it as a stamp! He had a lot of fun with that, and he continued drawing with the very easy to use fabric crayons that were provided.

My Merry Messy Life: Stamping Our Nature Collection Bag

We also had a lot of fun with the sunprint magnet. I've never used sunprint paper myself, and was curious to see how it works. We took his nature collection bag out to the woods in our backyard and picked a few, flat leaves from plants to use as the print. We then put the leaves on the paper and put it in the plastic bag out in the sun. In just a few minutes (which was perfect since a 4-year-old's attention span is NOT long!), the paper turned from blue to white! We picked up the leaves to see a blue impression of the leaf on the paper.

My Merry Messy Life: Making Sun Prints with Plant Leaves

We then took the prints inside and soaked them in water (this is all in the instructions that come with it), and watched as the paper turned back to blue with the plant silhouette in white. So cool! He really enjoyed watching all the changes with this one.

My Merry Messy Life: Watching Our Sun Prints Transform

I could see these kits being perfect for kids all year round – it's a great activity to bond with your child after a long week at school, or on breaks when you need some stimulating activities for them, or as a supplement to your homeschool curriculum. It's much easier than having to make a trip to the craft store to buy supplies for crafts – instead you get it all in ONE box with the work done for you.

Check out all their subscription options here!

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