Oil Pulling Challenge – Day 6

It's day six of my week-long oil pulling challenge! Welcome back, or if you're just joining us – we are trying to make oil pulling a daily habit with this fun challenge. Oil pulling is an ancient Indian technique to remove bacteria and toxins from the body and mouth through oil.

Oil Pulling Challenge - Day 6 - Try Oil Pulling for A Week for Better Dental and Overall Health!

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My Day 6 Experience

Did it again this morning, but for the first time on an empty stomach (wrote about that yesterday). I did it while I was cooking breakfast and getting ready for the day and found myself watching the clock a bit. I'm still not totally used to it and have to still fight the urge to swallow. My teeth are looking whiter and my mouth feels cleaner all day long, it's amazing! I think the oil coats the teeth and protects it from plaque and tartar build up. Like teflon :). I've read it gets much easier and pros at this don't have the complaints us beginners do, so I'm gonna stick it out. I believe in this method. I think it's like yoga and accupunture – how can we argue with something that people have been doing successfully for thousands of years?

Dr. Mercola's Video

I wanted to share Dr. Mercola's video, as I trust (most) of the information he shares. He says that he can't speak to all the benefits of oil pulling, but can most definitely vouch for it's ability to improve dental health by removing bacteria that causes decay and bad breath. He does it daily anywhere from a half hour to an hour. His advice to prevent swallowing is to just spit it out when you have the urge and start over and with practice, it will become a non-issue. He says that in addition to oil pulling, eating fermented veggies is equally as effective as oil pulling to prevent and reverse tooth decay.

He also agrees that coconut oil is the best one to use.

What Kind of Toothpaste to Use?

We've talked about using a fluoride-free toothpaste, so I wanted to share another one that I use. Coconut oil toothpaste is the healthiest one for your mouth, and I love this one from Tropical Traditions.

Kristi's Success Story – Healed a Toothache and a Sore Throat

I used oil pulling with coconut oil about a year ago when I had a terrible toothache, and that combined with a bentonite clay and tea tree oil poultice completely took the problem away within a day and a half.

Two nights ago I went to bed with a terrible sore throat and woke up with it feeling worse, so during my morning shower I used coconut oil pulling and by the end of 20 minutes the soreness was a mere memory which has not returned.

Tip: Do In In the Car!

Reader Gnet writes:

I continue to do it in the AM. I put the coconut oil in mouth just before leaving the house to go to the gym. I set a timer on my phone and just about the time I’m pulling into the driveway to the gym, the alarm goes off. I bring a plastic baggie with small amount of paper towels and a bottle of water. I spit the oil out in the baggie, rinse and and spit again into the baggie. Works great. I haven't noticed anything changing with my teeth, but I still think that my throat clearing has reduced to almost nothing, which is all I care about. I will continue to Oil Pull.

So, how's it going? Seeing any changes? What are your tricks for making it easier?

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