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8 Natural Remedies for Car and Motion Sickness

It’s the time of year when we will start traveling and going on vacations – yay! But for my family with four kids, we tend to have a lot of motion sickness so I’ve had to get creative to help them feel good while we are on the go. Here are my top eight best mom-hacks and tricks!

8 Natural Remedies for Motion Sickness

Peppermint Essential Oil Roll On

TummyGize Essential Oil Blend for Kids from Young Living Essential Oils

TummyGize for Kids

I love using this essential oil blend on my kids’ tummies! It’s already prediluted and formulated for kids, so it’s safe and effective. I just put a few drops on their bellies whenever they’re uncomfortable like when they need to poop, or they ate too much, have a stomach ache, or feel motion sickness.

I even used it on them as babies and many other mothers have, too! I do suggest that you don’t give to kids to administer to themselves unless they know how to use oils!

TummyGize blend (get it here) is already diluted and formulated for kids! It contains: Spearmint, Peppermint, Tangerine, Fennel, Anise, Ginger, and Cardamom

Motion Sickness Bands

I used these when I was pregnant and have used them on many a flight and have found them to be very effective! I like these colored ones.

How They Work

They work by applying pressure on the Nei Kuan acupressure point on each wrist by means of a plastic stud that work to restore balance in the body. You push down on the stud for 1-2 minutes and you must be wearing both bands for it to work

DIY Nasal Inhaler with Essential Oils

Nasal Inhaler with Peppermint

Breathing in essential oils is amazingly helpful - as hokey as it might sound, it really is effective! An easy way to do that is to use a nasal inhaler. Just put 3-4 drops of peppermint essential oil (or AromaEase or TummyGize as mentioned before) on the stick and take deep breaths of the oil when needed. Keep away from the eyes as peppermint is a "hot" oil and can irritate sensitive tissues. Get a nasal inhaler here.

Peppermint Candies

This is my favorite choice for kids! Of course, for older kids who won't choke on hard candies. My kids love these and we use them on every car trip. We will even use them as dessert after dinner sometimes! Having something to suck on really does help to ease the stomach and there is real peppermint oil and no nasty ingredients in these candies from YumEarth.

If you like the flavor of ginger, you could also do ginger candies. But I personally have bought these and couldn't stand the taste, so it's up to you!

Orb Diffuser by Young Living
Car Diffuser

I like to put Peppermint oil and AromaEase blend in my car diffuser and it not only makes the whole car smell amazing, but helps with car sickness and nausea. I like this car diffuser but I also use the one from Young Living, the Orb diffuser. It has a USB plug in so it works great in the car and is small enough to fit inside a cup holder! You can get it as a wholesale member or as a customer through me here.

All About Peppermint Essential Oil

A bottle of Peppermint Oil

I always bring a bottle of peppermint oil with me while traveling and put a drop or two on my tongue, under my tongue or on the roof of my mouth - especially while flying. I'll also sniff it (yes, I might look like a wacko but I don't care, because I'd rather look weird than have leave my fellow passengers the gift of stank!). I'll also put a drop in the palms of my hands and breathe in deeply while taking off and landing. I'm always amazed at how much this helps!

Eat Light, Healthy, Non-Greasy Food Before Traveling

This is especially important before plane flights! I eat things like nuts, fruit, crackers, sweet potato chips - things that are not hard for my body to digest and are light and healthy. If I have an empty stomach before traveling, I get much more motion sickness so I've learned that I have to not be hungry, but not too full either. Greasy food right before a plane flight is a disaster for me - I also cannot do alcohol while flying or I get even sicker. Coffee also bothers me before plane flights. But I know we are all different so just listen to your body and be careful what you eat before traveling!

Drink Plenty of Water

Our bodies can get dehydrated while traveling - especially by air and to higher elevations or colder climates. Hotels are notoriously dry, too! So I highly recommend drinking lots and lots of water before, during and after your trip. I try and always keep a glass of water, or water bottle (double-walled steel is my favorite!). The more water I drink while traveling the better I feel. I do find that while at home, I have filtered water and I can actually taste and smell the chlorine in water when I'm not at home, so I will sometimes buy filtered water from a nearby grocery store if I can. There are several grocery stores who deliver to hotels and even Amazon will!

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8 Natural Remedies for Motion Sickness while Traveling, including essential oils
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