Crochet Bumblebee Sun Hat – Free Pattern in All Sizes!

This summer I wanted to darn my babies in sun hats inspired by bugs, since they are all boys and love to play outside in the dirt and find bugs! Here is a free pattern for one of them – a bumblebee and it comes in all sizes, from newborn to adult! Click here to see […]

Crochet Summer Sun Hat – Free Patterns for a Baby and Toddler

Of all the things I crochet, the things we actually use all winter and summer include hats – beanies in the winter and sun hats in the summer (click here to see all my sun hat patterns!). They are very functional and keep the sun off my sweet little boys’ faces and necks. With three […]

Free Crochet Patterns for Spring

Spring is just around the corner so it’s time to bust out the brightly colored yarn and start crocheting! Here are my top 10 free crochet patterns that are perfect for spring, including sun hats, some purses, flowers and a scarflette.   Crochet Easy Tiny Flower Crochet Seed Stitch Purse Crochet Purse Bag in Blue […]

Sunday Fan Tribute #2 – Crochet Toddler Boy Sun Hat

Here is another tribute to a loyal and very talented fan of mine, Marge. She has used my free crochet Toddler Boy Sun Hat pattern and made three hats. I just love how her’s is so different from mine – the creativity! So, here is my picture of the pattern: And Marge took the pattern […]

Sunday Fan Tribute #1 – Crochet Granny Stitch Sun Hat

I just had to share with all of you some of the pictures from my fan’s projects, using the free Granny Stitch Sun Hat crochet pattern (most of these came from my site on Ravelry). I absolutely love how I can post a crochet pattern, and then each person completes the project their own way. Each person has a […]

Crochet Caterpillar Toddler Boy Sun Hat {free crochet pattern}

I’ve been having lots of fun designing hats for my boys. Girl hats are everywhere, with a myriad of patterns for butterflies and flowers, so I’ve enjoyed creating stuff that boys would love. And Gabriel loves this hat! When he’s outside playing in the dirt and sand, he often comes to me with a little […]

Crochet Cape Cod Baby Boy Sun Hat {free crochet pattern}

A free crochet pattern for a baby boy that’s fit for the Cape! He’ll look so cute and sophisticated and ready to set sail with the lobster appliqué, plus he’ll be protected from the sun. Hats are so easy and fun to make, especially when you can add cute appliqués and embellishments. Even little boys can have cute […]

Crochet Gone Fishin’ Baby Sun Hat with Goldfish {free crochet pattern}

Crochet sun hats make it fun to continue crocheting when its warm! Here is a free pattern to take on a Saturday morning fishing with daddy, complete with a goldfish applique. Here’s another sun hat for the little prince in your life. See the patterns for a toddler boy sun hat here. Click here for the […]

Granny Stitch Sun Hat – Baby Girl – Free Crochet Pattern!

A free crochet pattern for an adorable granny stitch sun hat for a baby girl! Also available in toddler sizes. It works up quickly and will keep the sun off of precious little faces. After making several sun hats that accidentally fit toddlers (I was actually trying to make them for babies and failed three […]

Crochet Sun Hat (Granny Stitch) – Free Crochet Pattern

In anticipation of flip flop and tank top weather approaching, I’ve been madly crocheting colorful sun hats for little girls. If I were a famous designer, I’d call this my Sherbet line since they remind me of popsicles and Sherbet ice cream! These hats just make me smile, and if I had a little girl, you bet she’d be […]