Oil Pulling Challenge – Day 6

It’s day six of my week-long oil pulling challenge! Welcome back, or if you’re just joining us – we are trying to make oil pulling a daily habit with this fun challenge. Oil pulling is an ancient Indian technique to remove bacteria and toxins from the body and mouth through oil. Just Joining Us? Follow […]

Oil Pulling Challenge – Day 5

We’re a-swishin’ and a-detoxin’ over here! Yep, that’s the Oil Pulling Challenge! Ever wanted to try oil pulling but needed some motivation? I’ve challenged my readers to a week-long oil pulling challenge to see what changes it can make in their health. Today is day 5! If you’ve just joined us, don’t worry, you can […]

Oil Pulling Challenge – Day 4

This is day four of a week-long challenge to encourage oil pulling! It is an ancient practice of removing bacteria and toxins through the mouth with oil – coconut, almond or sesame oils. Just joining us? Here’s what we’ve been doing so far. The first post explains all the details of oil pulling – what […]

Homemade Teething Oil and Other Natural Teething Support for Babies and Toddlers

If you’re looking for natural alternatives help your baby or toddler through the teething phase, you’ve come to the right place! I’m sharing a homemade teething oil and all my other favorite, go-to natural teething support. A friend asked me the other day what I use for teething and I realized I had no posts written […]

Detoxify Your Medicine Cabinet – Week 4 of Detoxify Your Life Challenge

We’ve spent the month of January discussing how to detoxify your life and the importance of doing so. The first week was all switching to real food, the second about detoxing your home with green and natural cleaning, the third about how to clean up your body by using natural beauty products, and this week […]