Back to School with Essential Oils and a Webinar

How to Use Essential Oils for Going Back to School - Immune-Boosting, Germ-Killing, Focus, Concentration, Energy and Sleep!

Essential oils can help tremendously with school-time germs, illnesses, anxiety, and stress by boosting the immune system, providing focus and concentration, and helping to promote sleep and rest. But how? I’ll share in my webinar and article here all about how it works! Want to see my webinar instead of reading the post? Watch it […]

Top 10 Essential Oils – Lemon and a Giveaway!

Top 10 Essential Oils - Learn All About Lemon and Enter to WIn It!

Welcome back to my 10-week series on the top 10 essential oils! This week, it’s all about LEMON! This is a highly antibacterial, detoxifying oil that is good for everything from acne to staph infection. Read all about it here, and enter to win it! I never really got into using lemon oil until I […]

Top 10 Essential Oils – Frankincense

Top 10 Essential Oils - Learn all about Frankincense and enter to WIN it!

Welcome back to my 10-part series on the Top 10 essential oils! This time we are learning about Frankincense, a deep, grounding, ancient oil that has many uses, some of which you may have never even known! Frankincense has a long history and reputation and many of us Westerners probably know it from the Bible […]

Ditch Toxic Microwave Popcorn and Make It At Home!

Why Microwave Popcorn is So Dangerous and How to Make it At Home

Popcorn can be a such a delicious and nutritious snack, but did you know there are dangerous chemicals lurking in the microwave bags? When it’s prepared properly at home, it is still just as tasty but also nutritious and safe. Find out how to make it at home here! Ah, popcorn. Crunchy, salty, happy, delicious POPCORN! I have […]

Discover Essential Oils – Webinar For Beginners

Essential Oils Webinar

Brand new to essential oils or wanting to learn more? I have the perfect webinar for you – you can watch my beginner training right here! I covered the history and science of essential oils and how exactly they work in the body to heal, then offered a ton of practical information on how to […]

Top 10 Essential Oils – Peppermint

Top 10 Essential Oils - All About Peppermint and How to Use It, Plus a Giveaway!

Welcome to week three of my 10-week essential oils education series, and this week it’s all about peppermint! This is one of my favorite oils and it has many uses, some of which you may not know about. Keep reading to learn more! When I think of peppermint, I think of candy canes, fresh breath, […]

Top 10 Essential Oils – Lavender

All About Lavender Essential Oil - One of the Top 10 Most Useful and Best Essential Oils

Welcome to week two of my 10-week essential oil education series and this week it’s all about an oil everyone knows – lavender! This oil is so much more powerful than just a pretty scent. Keep reading to learn all about how you can use it to replace many medications! Lavender, ah, lavender! When you […]

Top 10 Essential Oils – Thieves

Top 10 Essential Oils - All About Thieves & A Giveaway!

Welcome to my 10-week essential oil education series, where I will feature each one of each of the top ten most popular and useful oils. This week I will share all about Thieves essential oil! Thieves is Young Living’s most famous and popular essential oil. Why? It’s unique blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, […]

Organic Gardening: Use Egg Shells to Deter Slugs and Snails

Organic Gardening - How to Deter Slugs and Snails with Egg Shells

Did you know you can get rid of slugs and snails with eggs shells? It’s very effective, organic, green, and even adds fertilizer to the soil! I have something in common with slugs…we both love hostas and vegetable gardens. But there is one thing we do not both like - eggs. I love the insides of eggs, but […]

Essential Oils that are Safe for Babies and Children

Essential Oils that are Safe for Babies and Children

Essential oils are wonderful to use for babies and children – they help support and strengthen their developing immune systems and are safer to use than over-the-counter and even prescription medication, but must be used safely. Here is a guide on which oils are effective and safe for sweet little ones! Even though I attempted […]