Homemade Youthful Glow Sugar Scrub – Natural and Easy

A recipe for a quick and easy sugar scrub recipe using olive, jojoba and tamanu oils, plus essential oils like lavender, frankincense and grapefruit to make a gentle, moisturizing way to wash your face and exfoliate!

Homemade Youthful Glow Sugar Scrub Recipe

Our skin takes a beating. Especially the skin on our faces which can show the tell tale signs of stress, anxiety, and poor sleep. Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite facial scrubs that will help bring back that youthful glow and make your skin healthier at the same time!

I have made and used several facial scrubs over the past few years and this is one that I keep coming back to. I just love how it makes my skin feel and look. I can tell when I haven't used it in a while as my skin starts to look drab and my wrinkles and pores seem more noticeable. This scrub is full of oils that have been shown to help reduce wrinkles and refresh skin while the organic sugar exfoliates skin allowing the oils to really sink in and do their job.

What Makes this Scrub Youthful?

Tamanu Oil

This is an amazing oil folks!  Antimicrobial, antibacterial and full of antioxidants.  The oil is pressed from the pit of the fruit from the tamanu tree.  Be sure to purchase cold pressed tamanu oil as heating can damage the healing properties of the oil.  It's use traditionally to help heal skin wounds as it promotes the growth of new skin tissue but has many other uses!

Olive Oil

Olive oil is more than a salad dressing!  It's long been used a skin care product.  It's moisturizing and antibacterial.  Olive oil helps fight skin-damaging free radicals and is rich in vitamins A & E.  All important properties for keeping your youthful glow!  I use whatever olive oil I happen to have in the kitchen, extra virgin or regular olive oil.  Be sure to choose a quality oil that has been cold pressed.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is a powerful wrinkle fighter and all around great oil for your skin.  It's actually considered a liquid wax and is similar to the natural sebum found in our skin.  It's easily absorbed by the skin without making your skin feel greasy.  Read more about this amazing oil here.

Essential Oils

As you may know, essential oils can be wonderful additions to your skincare regime.  I used three of my favorites in this recipe but feel free to change it up based on your preferences, always checking safety and compatibility with skin. (click here to learn where to buy the best essential oils!)

  • Lavender:  It's one of the most soothing essential oils and is excellent for burns as it can ease inflammation.  And it smells wonderful!
  • Frankincense:  Along with lavender, frankincense is also anti-inflammatory.  It sinks deep into the skin to help smooth wrinkles while soothing the skin.
  • Grapefruit:  I like to add a fruit based essential oil to my facial scrubs and grapefruit is my favorite.  I love to use it for treating breakouts as it helps tame oily skin without drying out your skin.

Ready to give this luscious scrub a try?  Let's get started!

This recipe couldn't be easier!  This makes a good amount of the scrub so feel free to halve the recipe, or better yet – give some to a friend!

Mix the following ingredients in a glass bowl and then decant into your favorite glass jar.

A easy and inexpensive facial scrub that will help fight wrinkles naturally!

  • 1 1/4 Cup Organic Sugar
  • 1/3 Cup Olive Oil
  • 1/4 Cup Jojoba Oil
  • 1/2 tsp. Tamanu Oil
  • 15 drops Lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops Frankincense essential oil
  • 10 drops Grapefruit essential oil

I use about 1/2 a tablespoon of this scrub 2 times a week.  That's an approximate measurement-I usually just dip my clean fingers in the jar sort of stirring up from the bottom to redistribute the ingredients.

I hope you love this scrub as much as I do and that it helps your skin look and feel young and fresh.

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