Teaching Your Child to Care for Their Curly Hair

Curly hair is beautiful and fun, and it should be celebrated rather than scorned. However, it can also be hard to care for.

That's why it's important to teach children with naturally curly hair the best methods for nurturing it at a young age. Many people grow up not knowing the best ways to manage their curls and end up with hair that they can't stand. This can cause them to damage their natural hair with chemical treatments or flat irons as they try to achieve a more manageable style. Instilling good curly hair habits when your child is young will save them from that frustration later in life.

Here's how you can teach your child to love and care for their curly hair.

Get Them Involved In the Care Process

Once your child is old enough to start helping you with their hair, let them do it (even if it can get messy!). Get them involved in their hair routine by teaching them about the products and processes that are needed to make their hair shine. Even if it's as simple as telling them “we use this gel because it makes your curls happy, but this kind will make them mad,” they will start to understand that certain products are good for their hair while others are not. You can use the Curly Girl Method on your child to teach them how to properly condition their hair. When they grow older, you can show them how to dry it with a diffuser.

Teach Them About Essential Oils for Curly Hair

There are certain essential oils for curly hair that can work wonders on your child's curls. Some oils can even help create a healthier scalp which leads to healthier hair as a result.

Lavender is a wonderful choice because it can promote hair growth, soothe the scalp, and even provide a relaxing scent to help lull your child to sleep after their evening bath. It is used in this Mermaid DIY Hair Serum Recipe, along with some other wonderful essential oils that help curly hair. You can also try out an apple cider vinegar shampoo recipe for when their hair needs to be refreshed.

Speak Positively About Their Curls

Physically caring for your child's curls is only one part of the process. However, it's also important to instill positive thoughts about their hair. Remind them regularly how beautiful they are with their voluminous curls and make it fun for them to try new hairstyles. You can also buy them cute scarves to use during deep conditioning treatments to make them feel like their home has become a high-end salon.

By making haircare a positive experience for your child, their self-esteem will flourish. With the right mindset, they will not only know how to care for their curly hair, but they will also be happy to try new things.

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