How I Found Emotional Freedom (Top 10 Tips)

I have spent the past three years diving into personal development and can honestly say I have found emotional and spiritual freedom! My passion is helping others to also find this freedom – it has helped me to be successful in my business, my marriage, with my children and even my friends. #1 – Release […]

How I Switched From Blogger to WordPress By Myself

Notice anything different around here? I’m sure ya do! I just switched my blog from Blogger to WordPress and thought I’d share how I did it, all by myself (as the toddler in my house would say). Not only did I do it by myself, I did it in a week, working during the kids’ […]

I Won An Award!

I’d like to thank Tara from Therapy 4 Roses for thinking of me and giving me a Liebster Award for new bloggers! Tara is a talented seamstress, wife to an actor, and mother to two adorable children who blogs about sewing, motherhood, and crafts! I grew up next to Tara and I can’t say enough […]

My First 10,000 Hits!

Thank you to all who are visiting and joining my site! I have officially reached 10,000 hits today, 45 Facebook followers, and 19 blog followers. The numbers aren’t huge, but for a newborn blog like mine, it’s a great start. And the numbers are still climbing. Thank you for your support! I also uploaded my […]

First Post!

MY FIRST POST! Can you tell I’m excited! Stay tuned as I fine tweak the design of this site (I used to do graphic design and still do some freelance so I’m very picky about web design). Then, I’ll start posting about crafts, kids’ crafts, crochet projects and patterns, product reviews and musings on motherhood.