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New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for Young Kids (Toddlers and Preschoolers)

New Year's Eve Party Ideas For Young Kids - How to Throw A Super Fun Party for Kids and their Parents

I’m so excited…this year we’re having our first-ever family party for New Year’s! I’ve got a bunch of ideas up my sleeve and wanted to share them with you before the big night, so you could have them in time with your kids or grandkids. Then, after the party’s over, I’ll add to this post with how it went and try to get some pictures!

New Year's Eve Party Ideas For Young Kids - How to Throw A Super Fun Party for Kids and their Parents

The Activities

This was the hardest part to come up with as toddlers and preschoolers don’t need many activities to have fun. I find they are usually happy playing with other kids’ toys and running around! I decided to still have activities because there will be some elementary aged kids at the party. I have stations set up around the house to keep people moving. I imagine some of the kids and parents will love having the activities, and some will just want to hang out with the adults and let the kids play by themselves. So, there’s no pressure and I’ll just go with the flow!


Make Your Own Clock Necklace Station

I have a card table set up in the playroom with cardstock, brads, markers and clock hands. The kids can make their own clocks, color and decorate them! I have holes punched in the top of the clocks and yarn strung on them to make them into necklaces that they can wear during our clubbing party and balloon drop. I got the free printable clock from here and shrunk it down in Microsoft Word so two fit on a page.

Coloring Station

I printed out some cute New Year’s coloring pages from this website and will put them on the kid’s sized tables we have with crayons for those who’d like to color.

Hat Decorating Station

I bought plain party hats, stickers, and little jewels. I’m going to let them decorate their own hats that they can wear during the party.

Photo Booth

I’ve set up an area in our dining room with a bed sheet taped to the wall and funny glasses, scarves, hats, and mustaches and will either take pictures for my friends or let them take with their camera phones.

Goodie Bags

I have goodie bags filled with things from the dollar store that they can use at the party – a glow in the dark bracelet, a glitter glue stick, a noise maker, and a fun straw to drink with. I also included this free printable of a 2013 year in review that the parents can fill out with their kids when they get home. They are paper bags and they can also decorate and color on them if they wish.

Parade or Club Dancing

Since most of us parents used to be cool at one time and may or may not have had some all-nighters in the club phases, I’d love to have a mini club atmosphere so we can feel cool and young again (smile). I plan to turn on techno music, and pass out all our toy instruments. I’ll get the kids to wear their hats and we can dance around the living room with only the lights from the Christmas tree on!

If we feel up to it, I thought of turning it into a parade where we’ll march around the house singing and playing our instruments!

Balloon Drop

We may not be in Times Square, but we can make it feel like we are! I plan to blow up a ton of balloons and drop them from a trash bag from the top of the stair landing onto the kids below, after we do a countdown. Then, they can play with the balloons!

Take Home Goodies

Along with their goodie bags, the kids can take home a balloon from the balloon drop and I have mylar balloons for decorations that I want to give one to each of them to take home! Remember, young kids are simpler and I find that most stuff they are given at parties gets thrown to the side or ends up in the trash can. I’m trying not to buy stuff that’s just junk. I know little ones LOVE balloons and those won’t be a waste!

Other Ideas (that I might add next year)

  • Fireworks Painting: Using glitter glue (you can get 10 tubes to a pack at the Dollar Store), have the kids do a fireworks painting. I have so many other things going on that I probably won’t include this idea, but wanted to share it.

Here are my other tips for a party that have worked well for me so far.

Pick a Time When Children Are Well-Rested

Pick a time when most of the kids will be awake and well-rested. We chose from 4 to 7 p.m., with the idea that the families come over after the afternoon naps.

The Food – Healthier But Still Yummy

I know it’s probably common sense, but I’m gonna state it just in case. I feel it’s very important to offer healthy options (like a raw veggies, cheese, fruit, or a meal) and not just chips, crackers, pizza and sweets. Small children like preschoolers and toddlers already have a difficult time at parties as there is usually a lot of of stimulation and excitement, so adding a sugar high and junk food overload to it can send them into a tail spin. We eat differently than most people as we have cut out ALL processed food. That includes crackers, chips, dips and all those things that make having a party easier. So, I admit, it has been a challenge for me to come up with healthy, yummy food and appetizers to feed everyone. I chose to have:

  • Chicken Tortilla Soup (that is GAPS friendly for us) with sour cream, avocadoes and cheddar cheese to add as toppings
  • Yellow Coconut Cake (GAPS friendly that is sweetened with honey, so the sugar high will be less, plus the coconut flour adds a lot of protein)
  • Brie and camembert cheeses (not sure if it’s GAPS friendly, but it’s not processed)
  • Apple juice for the kids (not as healthy as homemade juice, but I’d have to juice a ton of apples which would be very costly and time consuming. Still healthier than store-bought sweet tea and lemonade).
  • Organic sparkling pear cider for the kids, champagne for the adults
  • Fruit, veggies, homemade guacamole and salsa and organic tortilla chips (not GAPS friendly at all, but for the pleasure of my friends who’d like some chips)
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Preschool Christmas Tree Ornament Craft – Dollar Store Snowflake

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Ornament Craft for Kids

This is a super quick and easy ornament craft you can make with children, from toddlers on up! My two and four year olds loved making their ornaments and ALL the supplies were purchased at the dollar store!

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Ornament Craft for KidsI bought these supplies at the REAL dollar store, so the grand total was $4 for supplies, plus tax. Gotta love it.

You need:

  • Box of large popsicle sticks
  • 1 Bag of pom poms
  • White glue (or a hot glue gun would be better, but it won’t cost $1)
  • Glitter glue sticks (they come 10 to a package!)

Glue the sticks together in the middle to create a star. If you’re using white glue, it will take an hour or so to fully dry. A hot glue gun will make the process go much faster!

Then, have the kids paint and glue pom poms on them. Write their name and the year on the back and keep for yourselves or give as gifts! These would make great teacher and grandparent gifts. Enjoy!

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Snowflake Ornament made by Kids!
Here’s the one my two-year-old made!

Check out my other kid-made Christmas crafts and ornaments:

Christmas Craft with Kids – Felt Ornament with Puffy Paint and Pom-Poms

Christmas Felt Wreath Craft with Kids

DIY Kids Felt Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas Craft with Kids – Felt Star Tree Topper

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DIY Felt Board and Printables to teach Weather and Seasons – Preschool Learning Activity

DIY Felt Board to Teach Seasons and Weather to Preschoolers

Making a felt board to teach the seasons, weather and even holidays to children is easier than you might think, and can even count as whimsical wall art! This also comes with a free printable template for all the shapes AND a coloring page for each season to place above the board!

DIY Felt Board to Teach Seasons and Weather to Preschoolers

This is a great interactive and sensory way to teach toddlers and preschoolers the different times of the year, about how things change and holidays are celebrated. I think it can be a fun holiday tradition as you add new elements for each holiday. It can also just be another toy as they can take all of the pieces off and make their own scene. I’ve been following the Montessori method for teaching my children at home and I just love it because it’s all about learning with the senses, and especially the hands. Maria Montessori observed that children learn best with their hands, and it is an especially effective tool when teaching abstract concepts like reading, math, and changing seasons.

How to Make Your Seasons and Weather Board


  • 1 large bulletin board
  • 1/2 yard of light blue felt (for sky)
  • 1/4 yard of brown felt (for tree)
  • Sheets of felt in various colors (around 40 cents at Walmart and craft stores) – think flowers, pumpkins, snow, leaves, greenery. Colors I suggest are:
    — yellow
    — pink
    — light or bright green
    — hunter green
    — orange
    — red
    — purple
    — 2 sheets of white (clouds and snow)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Stapler
  • Small piece of chalk to draw on your felt using my free printable template (unless you want to free-hand everything)

Directions and More Ideas

I free-handed all of the items and made a very lucky find with the fall leaves – they were at the dollar store!

Get your free printable template here for the shapes for the board!

Free Printable Template for a Felt Board to Teach Seasons and Weather to Preschoolers


  • Cut the blue felt the same size as your bulletin board and staple on
  • Cut out the tree  – I free-handed this and it’s so big that it wouldn’t even fit on 4 sheets of paper to use as a printable. So, I hope you can draw something similar, or just do something really simple if you have trouble.
DIY Felt Board for Teaching Seasons and Weather - Start with the Tree
Start with a basic tree shape, some clouds and the sun.


  • Snowman
  • Mounds of snow for the ground
  • Icicles and snow for the tree
  • Snowflakes or snow balls for the sky
  • Other ideas: Add a Christmas tree for Christmas, a sled
  • Valentine’s Day – add a heart garland to decorate the tree
  • Saint Patrick’s Day – add a rainbow, four-leaf clovers on the ground, and a pot of gold


  • Greenery for the tree
  • Tiny flowers or just dots to use as flowers on the tree
  • Flowers for the ground
  • Birds to the tree and a birdhouse
  • Easter – add eggs to the ground or even an Easter bunny
DIY Felt Board to Teach the Seasons and Weather to Young Children - Add Apples to Your Tree during Apple Season
Add apples to your tree during apple season. In spring, switch it out to flowers!


  • Use the greenery from spring
  • Add a hot air balloon to the sky
  • Add a bumble bee or a caterpillar
  • Switch out the flowers for apples
  • Add a swing to the tree
  • July 4th (American Independence Day) – add an American flag (on a pole standing in the ground)
DIY Felt Board to Teach the Seasons and Weather to Preschoolers - Fall Scene
Fall – I got these leaves at the dollar store, but they can be cut out using my template.


  • Autumn leaves
  • Add pumpkins to the ground
  • Halloween: add a scarecrow, bats to the sky or hanging from the trees, spiders
  • Thanksgiving: Add a turkey (can trace your child’s hand)

DIY Felt Board to Teach Seasons, Weather and Holidays to Preschoolers - A Fall Storm

  • Raindrops
  • Lightning and dark grey clouds
  • Snowflakes
  • Remove the sun on a cloudy day
DIY Felt Board to Teach Weather - Closeup of a Storm
Our oldest son loves the lightning and moves it around the board, making all kinds of crashing noises.

As you can see, I haven’t gotten to winter and spring yet so as we get to those seasons, I will add more pictures. The shapes for all the seasons are in the template, however, so you can start with whichever season you’re in now and make the rest later, too! Otherwise, you’ll be cutting for hours!

Use in Circle Time and Free Play

I love using this in our morning circle time – we look out the window and make our board look like the weather outside. We talk about the season we’re in and the holiday we’re celebrating or approaching. Then, I let them play with it however they want, which means the seasons get all mixed up and it no longer looks like a perfect Pinterest image. But that’s okay! They are still learning and play is how children learn, so it’s not important to me that it looks perfect. Gabriel likes to pretend the leaves are falling of the tree and makes them fall to the ground, but his favorite part is the lightning which he makes to crash around the sky.

Storage of All the Pieces

I keep the pieces from the current season in a basket beside the board (I picked up one at the dollar store). There are just so many pieces that it will become quite messy and overwhelming for your child if all of them are left out all of the time. If you do it Montessori style, keep the baskets on your shelves and let them choose, cleaning up the board when they are done and want to get another basket.

DIY Felt Board to Teach Seasons, Weather and Holidays to Preschoolers - A Fall Storm

Seasons Printable

I’ve also created free printable coloring pages for each season that your child can color and tape above the board on the wall. If you have more than one, then put them all up! The children will have even more pride in their board with their own artwork above it.

Free Coloring Pages to Teach the Seasons to Preschoolers
This is a free printable for the children to color! Place above your felt board so they know which season it is.

Most of all, remember to just have fun with it. Make it as complicated or simple as you want and enjoy the special moments with your children.

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Crochet Star Baby Mobile – Free Patterns

Crochet Star Baby Mobile with free patterns and a tutorial!

There’s this adorable crocheted baby mobile hanging in Griffin’s nursery, and it was so easy and fun to make! Here’s a tutorial and free patterns so you can make it, too.

Crochet Star Baby Mobile with free patterns and a tutorial!

Here’s how I did it:

  • I made 8 large star appliques and 8 mini ones (both of which are free patterns on my blog).
  • Then, I stiffened them with fabric stiffiner (where to buy) (a water and white glue mixture would also work, or diluted corn starch I’ve heard does the trick, but haven’t tried it myself). This helps the stars to be flat.
  • With a tapestry needle, I strung them onto four strands of clear jewelry thread that I bought (where to buy).

Crochet Star Baby Mobile Pattern

  • I tied double knots at the bottom of each star to keep it in place.
  • Then, I tied the 4 strands onto an embroidery hoop (where to buy).
  • I cut 3 inch strands of yarn from each color that I used and tied them onto the hoop to give more visual interest. To cut tons of strands quickly, I wrapped the yarn around my four fingers on one hand about 20 times. Then, I just cut down the middle! It took me about 30 minutes to tie all the strings on.
  • I trimmed the fringe once I had tied all the strands on.

Tie a bunch of strands of yarn onto an embroidery hoop for a super cute baby mobile

I used mostly Red Heart Super Saver yarn for this project. I love that yarn because it’s so cheap and sturdy, great for projects where you don’t need a high quality yarn like this one. Here are the colors I used:

The stars work up so quickly that this is really quite an easy project. Who doesn’t love easy and cute? I also alternated the size of the stars so one strand started with a large star, and another started with a small star.

Crochet Star Baby Mobile with free patterns and a tutorial!

And I asked Griffin what he thinks of it, and got lots of smiles and wiggles from him. He loves to look at it when he wakes up in the morning and the happy colors and cute shapes brighten my morning, too. I only wish I’d made it sooner, although, he’s only three months old so that’s not so bad!

Baby Approved Crochet Star Mobile

Did I also mention that this is a fabulous stash buster? I made it to match a beautiful quilt made by a friend of my mom. She could make a lot of money off her creations, but chooses to generously give them as gifts.

Here are the free patterns for the stars used in this mobile:

Free Pattern for a Crochet Lacy Star


Crochet Mini Star - Free Pattern

and another post to make matching nursery decor!

Nursery Wall Art DIY

Knitting Supplies at

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Crochet and Ribbon Valentine’s Wreath Craft

Crochet and Ribbon Valentine's Wreath Craft

A simple and quick Valentine’s wreath with free crochet patterns for a butterfly, flowers and a rosette. Add some lace and sparkly ribbon, and you’ve got quite a unique and pretty wreath!

Crochet and Ribbon Valentine's Wreath Craft

There’s this sweet little Valentine’s wreath that’s come to visit in my office. It’s very delicate and feminine and reminds me of old-fashioned doily Valentine’s from the books I read as a child. I enjoyed making it as it was easy and quick, with beautiful results!


  • Grapevine heart-shaped wreath (where to buy) – I bought mine at Michael’s
  • 2 spools of ribbon – I chose a delicate lace one with tiny pearl beads and a sparkly purple one to match the yarn (where to buy)
  • Less than an ounce of this gorgeous yarn from Red Heart Yarn – Boutique Unforgettable Yarn in Parrott (where to buy) to make the butterflies, flowers and rosettes
  • Hot glue gun

Whip it Up!

  • Crochet your butterflies, flowers and rosettes. I used this pattern from Little Birdie Secrets for the butterflies, and my own patterns for the flowers and rosettes.
  • Hot glue the tip one of the ribbons on the back of the wreath, then wrap it all the way around, ending at the other end, and hot glue it there, too. Do the same with the other ribbon.
  • Hot glue all the crocheted pieces on, and you’re finished! It’s really that easy.

Crochet Valentine's and Ribbon Wreath - Close Up of the Butterflies and Flower

I’m just crazy about this yarn from Red Heart Yarn! It is gorgeous – so cheery, vibrant and colorful. Boutique Unforgettable Yarn in Parrott (where to buy).

Crochet Valentine's and Ribbon Wreath - Close Up of the Rosettes

Knitting Supplies at

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Crafting with Kids – Snow Paint Winter & Valentine’s Garland

Snow Paint Winter Garland Craft

Painting with snow paint is so much fun, and once it dries, it really looks like snow! It’s the perfect craft to do with a toddler, too, because it doesn’t require precision. I’ve also included a free printable to use as a stencil to cut out the shapes.

Snow Paint Winter Garland Craft
Hang it in a window to keep things cheery while it’s gray and cold outside!


  • Colored paper (just a few sheets will do)
  • Scissors
  • Download the free stencil printable to make your shapes here, or use cookie cutters
  • Cheap shaving cream
  • White glue
  • Paper plate
  • Cheap paintbrush

Snow Paint Recipe and Craft

Snow Paint Recipe

  • Mix equal parts shaving cream and white glue on a paper plate – done!

Toddler Craft with Snow Paint for a Winter Garland

Gabe and I had so much fun making this – it’s so incredibly easy and easy cleanup if you use an old, plastic tablecloth so you don’t have to worry about your table getting messed up. But the paint wipes right off and then dries puffy – it has the neatest texture!

You could also use these as Valentine’s to give to friends!

Snow Paint for a Winter Garland Craft

What a fun way to cheer up the house to keep away the winter blues!

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DIY Kids Felt Christmas Tree Craft

This felt kids Christmas tree is perfect for young children as it’s virtually indestructible, and even the craft-challenged parent can tackle it in an hour or less. You just need felt, scissors, and cookie cutters!

DIY Kids Felt Christmas Tree

There’s nothing more un-fun than keeping small children off the family Christmas tree – for an entire month! We’ve been just putting ornaments on the top third of the tree, but this year I really wanted the boys to feel part of the decorations instead of excluding them, so I put up two trees for the boys – one is an artificial one that my oldest decorated with his own ornaments and his own star, and this wall felt Christmas tree. Both of which the boys can decorate and undecorate to their hearts’ content!


  • 1 yard of felt (I bought mine at JoAnn’s for just $2.99!)
  • Sharp fabric scissors
  • Fabric chalk pencils – one light and one dark, or a couple of pieces of chalk
  • Sheets of felt in your choice of colors (for the ornaments – only 23 cents at Wal-Mart for the brand “Eco-Fi” – and they’re made from recycled plastic bottles!)
  • Cookie cutters or stencils to trace the ornaments

How To Make the Tree

How to Cut the Felt for a Kids Christmas Tree

  • Decide how tall you want your tree – our’s is about 3 1/2 feet tall
  • Fold the felt in half
  • With the fabric chalk pencils, draw half of a Christmas tree onto the felt. It doesn’t have to be perfectly drawn because this can be the back. Keep at it until you get the shape you want. You could even do a simple triangle.
  • Cut out the felt along the lines. Since it’s folded in half, it’ll be perfectly symmetrical!
  • Trace the cookie cutters and stencils with a fabric chalk pencil and cut them out. I cut out 15, but could’ve fit 20 on the tree.

Felt sticks to felt, so you don’t need anything to attach them to the tree!

I used Command Picture Hanging Strips (where to buy) to attach it to the wall so when I take it down, it won’t damage the wall! I did find it was more secure if I glued the strips to the felt as it was prone to come off.

Then, let your children go to town decorating and undecorating it. As you can see in the picture, Gabe’s favorite part is undecorating it! It’s really a Christmas toy that we can enjoy year after year. I could even see this being an advent tree and adding one ornament a day to it.

DIY Kids Felt Christmas Tree Kids Can Decorate


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Christmas Craft with Kids – Felt Star Tree Topper

Kids Felt Christmas Tree Star Topper

A quick and easy tree topper your child can make for their own Christmas tree using felt, pom-poms and puffy paint!

Kids Felt Christmas Tree Star Topper

We have literally gone hog wild this holiday season in our house with felt, pom-poms and puffy paint. Once I started one project with Gabe, the creativity and ideas just kept on coming and I couldn’t stop! I think Gabe is now officially ready to move on to a different type of craft. But, boy, did he have tons of fun experimenting with this medium! Great thing about it is it’s so colorful that you can let your kid go to town and no matter what, it will make a beautiful craft. Next year, once Grayson is holder, he’ll have to make some of his own felt crafts for Christmas. Until then, he thinks it’s lots of fun to take Gabe’s ornaments off the tree (with a grunt, of course) and put them back on. See the other felt crafts we’ve made together here – Kids Christmas Felt Ornaments and Kids Christmas Felt Wreath.

Christmas Tree Felt Star Topper Craft with Kids
The tree is almost complete – just needs a skirt! I did crochet one but totally botched it up and have to start over. At least it’s covered in Gabe’s beautiful ornaments!


  • 2 Sheets of yellow felt from the craft store (only 23 cents at Wal-Mart for the brand “Eco-Fi” – and they’re made from recycled plastic bottles!)
  • Assorted tubes of Puffy Paint (where to buy) (these were under $1 each and I bought 5)
  • Sharp fabric scissors (where to buy)
  • Fabric chalk pencils (where to buy) – one light and one dark, or a couple of pieces of chalk
  • Bag of pom-poms (where to buy)
  • Hot glue gun (where to buy) or permanent fabric glue (where to buy) (to glue the two pieces together)
  • Polyester fiber fill (where to buy) or stuff it with old plastic bags, chop up an old t-shirt and socks – use your imagination! (to stuff the star)

Kids Christmas Felt Star Craft
I loved watching Gabe concentrate as he worked seriously on his craft.


  • Trace a star onto one sheet of yellow felt with your chalk pencil, or pin the two sheets together and then cut out. I freehanded-it by folding the sheet in half and drawing half of the star onto the felt. Then I cut it out so it would be perfectly symmetrical.
  • Have your child decorate both stars with pom-poms and puffy paint. Gabe discovered that the paint acts as a glue and adheres the pom-poms to the felt, so no fabric glue is necessary.
  • Wait about 24 hours for it to dry.
  • Hot glue the two pieces together but only along the edges, leaving about one inch on either side of the bottom of the star as a pocket to slip over the top of the tree.
  • Stuff the star with your choice of stuffing then slide over the top branch of the tree!

It’s been amazing to watch Gabe’s progress in creativity and concentration grow as we’ve been crafting together and doing some homeschooling. His dexterity and hand strength has gotten much stronger as he’s learned how to squeeze out glue for these crafts – all good muscles to develop to learn to write! It has also created an even stronger bond between us and made precious memories I will always treasure.

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Christmas Felt Wreath Craft with Kids

Christmas Felt Wreath Craft with Kids

This Christmas felt wreath with pom-poms and puffy paint is super easy and fun to make, even for a toddler!

Christmas Felt Wreath Craft with Kids

We’ve had so much fun this December coming up with ways to use felt, pom-poms and puffy paint to make our own Christmas decorations. In addition to this wreath, we also made our own felt tree ornaments! Gabe has really enjoyed using glue and loves the colorful pom-poms, or marbles according to him. I’ve seen his dexterity and creativity flourish with all this craft making, which is a great skill when you’re just 3!


  • 1 yard of felt fabric from the fabric store (I love JoAnn’s)
  • Assorted tubes of Puffy Paint (where to buy) (these were under $1 each and I bought 5)
  • Sharp fabric scissors (where to buy)
  • Fabric chalk pencils (where to buy) – one light and one dark, or a couple of pieces of chalk
  • Bag of pom-poms (where to buy)
  • Permanent fabric glue (where to buy)

Felt Christmas Wreath Craft Tutorial - How to cut the felt


  • Take the felt and cut out a square as big as you want your wreath to be
  • Fold it in half twice
  • On the open sides of the felt (not the crease), take your chalk pencil and draw out three evenly shaped scallops
  • On the creased corner, take a plate or other circular object and trace a quarter of it onto the felt
  • Cut along all your traced lines, then unfold
  • Trace your wreath onto the poster board
  • Cut it out
  • With fabric glue, glue the wreath to a piece of poster board
  • Have your child go to town decorating it with the pom-poms and puffy paint!
Christmas Felt Wreath Craft for Kids
Gabe’s favorite part is glueing the pom-poms on, and he’s always very strategic about where they go.


Remember to be very patient with toddlers! It may sound silly, but I make sure I am not tired or hungry when we do big crafting sessions. That way, I am much more patient and can let him be as creative as he wants. There is nothing more annoying than me nagging him when we’re doing something fun and creative! Their craft will not be perfect, but it will be their own unique creation. I let Gabriel decide where he wanted to put all his pom-poms and paint and just made sure he didn’t get paint all over the kitchen.

Christmas Felt Wreath Craft for Toddlers
It made me both cringe and smile to watch him place all those green pom-poms in a row.


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Christmas Craft with Kids – Felt Ornament with Puffy Paint and Pom-Poms

Christmas Crafts with Kids - Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

Our kitchen table is getting bombarded with paper, scissors, felt, glue, paint, pom-poms, smiles, giggles and chatter – all to make crafts for Christmas and for some homeschool preschool! These adorable Christmas ornaments are so easy for kids to make, mine’s only 3, using felt, pom-poms, puff paint, and scissors.

Christmas Crafts with Kids - Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

My preschooler, Gabe, and I are on a Christmas crafting roll and are really enjoying ourselves. I’m so tickled that he’s now so interested in crafting with me. It affords us the opportunity to spend time learning about shapes and colors, develop his dexterity and creativity, and make precious memories. I don’t know what I’ll do with these precious mornings once his little brother stops taking morning naps and the baby comes – they’ll just have to join us, I guess!

Kids Felt Christmas Tree Ornament Craft with Puffy Paint and Pom-Poms
Gabe was very purposeful about where each dot of paint went and choosing each pom-pom. He took his task seriously, and also had so much fun!


Now, while I was cutting up the felt, I had to keep Gabriel happy, so I gave him some scrap paper and he was happy he got to cut up stuff like me. He loved it!

DIY Christmas Crafts with Kids - Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

How To Make the Ornaments

  • Trace your Christmas cookie cutters or stencils onto the felt with your chalk pencils (fabric markers didn’t work well on the felt for me)
  • Using very sharp fabric scissors, cut out the shapes (adults only)
  • Then, put down an old tablecloth, put a smock on your child, and let them go to town squirting out paint and sticking pom-poms to the felt!
  • Once they dry (it took almost 24 hours for us), hot-glue a piece of yarn or string onto the back to hang them up.

Remember, crafting with toddlers takes a lot of patience. I tried my best to keep my mouth closed and to not tell him how to do it – I wanted him to make the decisions and use his creativity. There’s nothing like a nagging helicopter mom to stifle creativity, and I still have to fight being that way. It isn’t easy, but it makes for a much more pleasant and FUN experience!

DIY Christmas Crafts with Kids - Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments that Toddlers Can Do

Gabe liked this project so much that he spent an hour-and-a-half working on these ornaments. Anyone who has a toddler knows that’s a very long time to spend on one thing! So they were a smashing success.

Christmas Crafts with Kids - Felt Ornaments with Puffy Paint and Pom-PomsThe ornaments look so cute on his kid-sized, four-foot tree! And the best part is he is so proud of them.

DIY Christmas Crafts with Kids - Felt Ornaments with Puffy Paint and Pom-Poms

I still can’t believe Gabe had the patience to make all of these in ONE sitting!


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