Create Habits You Need for a Clean and Decluttered Home in Just 21 Days!

Day 19 – Start Meal Planning

Today is all about what we're having for dinner!

Flylady Baby Steps - Day 19 - Start Meal Planning

Here are our daily habits! You’re doing great!

Morning Routine

  • Make your bed
  • Get dressed
  • Check your daily routines in your home management binder
  • Check your email for the next baby step – done!
  • Become aware of a few of your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones
  • Hot Spot – set your timer for two minutes to tackle one hot spot
  • Room Rescue – set your timer for five minutes to do a room rescue
  • Clean – set your timer for 15 minutes and clean (or declutter) one area
  • Do a quick 1 minute swish and swipe of the main bathroom
  • Start a load of laundry

Afternoon Routine

  • Start preparing for dinner

Evening Routine

  • Shine the kitchen sink
  • Finish the load of laundry
  • Plan your outfit for the next day at bedtime
  • Set your timer for two minutes to tackle one hot spot
  • Look at your home management binder checklists for tomorrow
  • Go to bed at a good time!

Today we are going to take one baby step towards meal planning. πŸ₯—πŸ² A few days ago, we started an afternoon routine where we started cooking dinner. So today, earlier in the afternoon, perhaps after eating lunch, we are going to start to make a plan for dinner. I also added one step that helps you get towards meal planning – tune in to today's podcast episode to hear it (link below)!

We will learn how to plan a whole menu later on and will cheer each other on to stick to it (because it is SO helpful!). But for now, the baby step is, what's for dinner tonight? So tell me, what do you plan to make for dinner tonight? β€‹ If you need to defrost anything from the freezer, go ahead and get that out now so it's ready for later!

I'll be sharing my weekly menu plan in my Facebook group, The Merry Messy Moms Group, if you want to see it!

Listen to today's task on my podcast, The Merry Messy Moms Show!

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