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Day 4 – Be Kind to Myself Day

Flylady Baby Steps - Day 4 - Be Kind to Myself

The daily habits we've built so far are:

  • Get dressed
  • Shine the kitchen sink
  • Check your post-it, phone or written daily reminders

So today we are going to become aware of our negative, sabotaging thoughts! It's nearly impossible to succeed at much of anything if we are beating ourselves up with our thoughts and beliefs. So it's important before accomplishing any goal, that we do this step in order to have success! As women, we tend to have a lot of negative thoughts about ourselves.

Write Down the Negative Thought, and Replace it with the Truth

Today you'll start the very important habit of learning to hear, or become aware, of your own thoughts and write a few of them down. Next to those negative thoughts, also known as lies, write down the truth next to it.

? Write at least one of the positive statements or affirmations on a Post-It note and put it on your mirror. Next time that negative thought pops up, mentally replace it with the positive one!

Download a Free Affirmations Book

I did this five years ago or so and it really help to improve my mental and emotional state. Click here where you can download a free affirmations for mom e-Book to switch out those negative thoughts for positive, empowering ones! We are trading lies for truth – the truth shall set you free!

The reason there is unkindness in the world is because we are first unkind to ourselves. A happier home, a happier community, and a happier world starts with us first being kind to ourselves and believing in our worth and value.

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