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Day 2 – Get Dressed

Flylady Baby Steps - Day 2 - Get Dressed

This little baby step right here has made the biggest difference for me!

As a WAHM (work-at-home-mom), I don't leave the house much. So I always told myself I didn't need to look nice. Just grab some sweatpants or leggings, and a t-shirt or sweatshirt, and call it a day! Most days my hair and makeup aren't done either. But I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. I felt frumpy, ugly and sluggish.

Getting Dressed Helps Me Feel My Best

Well, that was in the past! I've now been getting dressed, all the way down to my shoes and I see why this is an important step now! I realized I need to look nice for MYSELF. I'm not even doing it for my husband. This is for no one else. This is to show myself that I matter. When I feel like I matter and am important even while cleaning a nasty toilet, I'm in a much better mood. When I walk by a mirror now, I smile instead of making a yucky face.

Flylady Baby Steps Program - Get Dressed to Shoes

Try Wearing Lace Up Shoes Inside

Cilley suggests having a pair of indoor lace-up shoes to wear and not to wear slippers except in the evenings before bed. Why? When you're wearing shoes, it does something mentally for you. I know for me, I feel much more motivated to get things done and not feel blah. Here in Germany, we wear house shoes, which aren't slippers but actual shoes, so this works also.

This step also includes making your hair look nice (ponytails are fine, just make it look nice and intentional) and put on face moisturizer or makeup. If you're not a makeup person, that's totally fine! Act like you have friends coming over for dinner and do to your hair and face what you'd do then.

What Do You Do on the Weekends?

I still get dressed on the weekends, but you'll find me in sweatpants or leggings, and a sweatshirt or t-shirt. I'll usually pick a coordinated outfit that I feel cute in, but I'm definitely super comfortable.

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