Get Your Home in Shape with Flylady 31 Baby Steps

Day 15 – Make Your Bed

Were you already using a calendar before yesterday? If not, how'd it go starting one? If you're already using one, is the one you've got working for you? Do you need to rethink your current system?

Day 15 - Make Your Bed

Here are our daily habits! You're doing great!

Morning Routine

  • Get dressed to shoes
  • Check your daily routines in your home management binder
  • Come back to this post to see the next baby step, or check your emails
  • Become aware of a few of your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones
  • Hot Spot – set your timer for two minutes to tackle one hot spot
  • Room Rescue – set your timer for five minutes to do a room rescue
  • Declutter – set your timer for 15 minutes and declutter one area

Evening Routine

  • Shine the kitchen sink
  • Plan your outfit for the next day at bedtime
  • Set your timer for two minutes to tackle one hot spot
  • Look at your home management binder checklists for tomorrow

Today's step is easy, but important. Are you already in the habit of making your bed? Great! Then take today to work on something you'd not yet tackled from the morning or evening routines.

I Feel Blah When I Don't Make My Bed

Think about nice it is to walk into your bedroom and the bed is made! It makes our rooms feel clean, organized and inviting. I know I feel blah when I don't make my bed. It makes me feel like it's inviting me to come back in and sleep!

So if you haven't already, go make your bed now! To make it more fun, start a stopwatch on your phone and see just how little time it takes to compete this step!

Listen to today's task on my podcast, The Merry Messy Moms Show!

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  1. Love the 2 minutes! I’m not much of a visual cluttered. I put everything in drawers! Haha. So I cleaned the 2 drawers of my China cabinet. 2 minutes each drawer. Just doing this everyday will help me get rid of a lot of junk!

  2. After team driving with my husband and only being home 24 hours a week for 5yrs. Im finally home now with granddaughters… & the awful, chaotic, mess of a house. So very grateful to find your page. Im so overwhelmed and squirrel with a thousand other things i need to clean. I have true hope now to have a real organized & clean home to enjoy!

  3. I have taken to replacing most of the shoulds with coulds . Ex: I should do the dishes/I could do the dishes. Thanks to my French friends for their inspiration! (Other Europeans as well.)

  4. In addition to putting washcloths and dish towels into the laundry every day I also add pillowcases. Helps keep the sweat and whatever else emerges in the night off the face!

  5. My grandmother and all her friends always dressed in the morning. Down to a nice necklace. Our Mom as well. No slobby sweatpants!

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